​Deshaun Watson on pace for the NFL Rookie of the Year

Watson played for Clemson, and was a special guy that many watched in awe as he made big play after big play.
Entertaining Clemson fans – bringing the Tigers to the National Championship, and winning it all, beating the favored Alabama Crimson Tide, 35-31. Deshaun Watson was drafted 12th overall by the Houston Texans in 2017. When picked as the QB for any team – you have the teams and fans pressure on you immediately.  What kind of NFL player will you be? Will you bust, or will you be the next big star for the franchise?
After 6 games, 216 passing YD/gm, 15 passing TDs, and 82.3 QB rating to go with a great skill set, Watson is answering those important and typical questions. During 2017 – the vast majority of analysts and media outlets downplayed the QBs that were coming out in the NFL draft. DeShone Kizer, Mitch Trubisky, and Watson were all looked at as those young guys who would need time and patience.
DeShone Kizer has been terrible for the Browns so far with 3 TDs, 11 picks, and a horrible 47.8 QB rating. Mitch Trubisky hasn’t been great for the Bears either. Only getting 116 YPG, and showing no semblance of pocket presence is nothing for Chicago fans to get too hyped up about. And 10th overall pick, Patrick Mahomes hasn’t needed to see the field for the Chiefs as of yet.
Deshaun has been the quiet surprise that has been really caught many by the jawline and brought smiles for the Texans. Sitting in the entire NFL with 216 passing YD/gm – isn’t too shabby for a 22 year old QB who many thought was going to be another “patience” player to come out this year.  He has shown leadership in the pocket and a calmness around him when things get ugly and fall apart. His running ability makes him that much more dangerous, as he has also picked up huge 1st downs, and has a lethally good 7.2 YPC when taking off, when needing too. And in reality, he has transformed Houston’s offense very quickly.
With a 61.5% completion pct – which is currently better than NFL vets Matthew Stafford, and Philip Rivers- it is easy to see why many Houston fans are feeling pretty good with their 1st rd pick. Watson has already put together a resume of three 3+ TD passing games, three games of 250+ passing YDs, and with his 5 TD explosion vs a playoff contending Chiefs team, he really shined. Eyes opened up in a bigtime hurry about the guy playing QB in Houston.
Having a core WR group of DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller is nice to get when lining up in the backfield, but besides career 4800 YD receiver, Hopkins . And Fuller is really more of just a speed guy – yet Watson is making them both better on the field, as he is kind of building his own story back there. Even TE Ryan Griffin, had numbers in 2016 of just 19 first downs and this season, he has become a legit concern for LBs to contain when they are trying to keep drives going. Watson has Fuller picking up 19.3 YPC – to his 13.5 from last season and already more than doubled his TD output. That speak massive volumes for his innate ability to make others better around him.
The Texans are playing loose football now – because they already own one of the leagues better defense ranking them 7th in the league for total yards. And a 10th league ranking for passing yards allowed at 203/game. Now, with Watson at the helm – they can afford to have some leeway with their play calling, allowing him to throw the ball, as well as try to get 26 year old RB, Lamar Miller more involved in the game. As his experiment in Houston has been nothing short of a huge disappointment, so far. If a team can get production from their QB – it always will open up lanes for the RB. And as well as long as the RB is making teams gather around the line, the QB can have a few seconds to get his passing game moving. It’s a system that we all know.
And of course, with a player like Watson – his dangerous running ability just adds to the threat on the field. I am not a big fan of “running QBs” – I have never said I have been, but when a QB has shown they can pass the ball, from the pocket with real NFL level of accuracy, like he has at 62% – and also bring the dangerous ability to be able to run the ball, if things break down, that is when I appreciate the game of that style of QB.
Steve Young, Randall Cunningham, and even Joe Theismann were all examples of the “QB who can run” – Watson is showing very early in his career, he can be one of those kind of players.
Like the talking heads of other media outlets –  I looked at the 2017 QB draft class and shook my head – thinking they were a class of nobodies. Nothing special was coming out of this QB class. Watson has done nothing but show me and the other “nobodies” just how wrong we may have been.
Deshaun Watson has showing through 6 games so far, that his QB skill set is more than just a glance and run. He can play with the best of the best – Houston better be ready to run with the special player – because he can take them far. He has shown he is best when the game means the most – it has been his calling card in football for his career. Watson is gonna be that guy for Houston.

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