​Is Carson Wentz ready to be the leader for the Eagles

     The Philadelphia Eagles last season was not one that drew a lot of attention for much of anything but head shakes and sighs. They were in the bottom end in the league in passing TDs, while throwing the ball more than most teams in the league, and ended up at just 7-9 overall. They had another letdown after a miserable 2015 season that gave some Philly fans thoughts that the 2016 season was something to be hopeful for.
They had some issues at the helm going into the season, Chase Daniel and Sam Bradford, both of whom have been released from the team in one way or another. Chase Daniel was nothing more than a middle of the road QB at the best, and completed only short dinkers for the majority of his attempts in his career. And they still hadn’t anyone who passed for more than 20 TDs in a season in Philly since 2013. Yes, things got pretty rough for the QBs in Philly.
When they drafted Carson Wentz at the 2nd overall slot in 2016 draft, they were making their move. They were pushing themselves to get who they feel is going to be the future of the franchise in Philly. He played for a small school in North Dakota, where not much was known about him until pre-draft buzz, when all of the scouts started whispering about the 6-5 QB. So the Eagles rolled the dice and grabbed him. Wentz’s college career was vastly unfamiliar, but apparently he has great elusiveness and pro style skills, which most of us hadn’t seen with our own eyes, but we are watching his skills morph into the NFL now.
This 2017 season is a huge one for Philly. They have a tough schedule; matched up vs rejuvenated Denver, at Seattle, and the up and coming Oakland. Let alone, the NFC East, with a hot rookie Dallas QB Dak Prescott coming back for more, a new, and revamped hungry New York Giants team, and a Washington team that won the division just a short time ago, and wants to prove that, that wasn’t a fluke.
Head Coach Doug Pederson had made it openly clear from the get-go, that Wentz was a project QB. Bradford and Chase Daniel, were both far higher on the depth chart for Philadelphia at the beginning of last season, but how the tides have mightily turned. It will no longer be injuries, an 0-5 start, or QBs who are just not completing passes, it is time to see what he has to offer the team as the leader in Philly.
The crowd in Philly has been waiting like starving lions to have something to get excited about again. They haven’t had a QB to throw for 3800 YDs in 8 years. Wentz brings that promise and hope. Like so many others that come into the league. Fans want to see someone who gives them something to be jacked about, and Carson will be that guy. They have some fresh young talent with newly signed Alshon Jeffrey and deep route WR Torrey Smith, along with last years leading receiver, TE Zach Ertz – now they want someone who can push the ball around on the field with championship confidence.
They figured coming in, he was going to be a few years project, but the hungry fans in Philly are going to have their taste of what he brings – but they need to remain patient, which is always tough for any fans, let alone Philly fans. But give him some time, Philly. In all honesty, Wentz has shown in the time he has had – that he has the heart and the gumption to be a worthy player to lead the Eagles squad. They should to be very happy that they have a guy who wants to prove his worth to the city.
His future is unsure as to what he will end up being, will he be just another Sanchez or Chase Daniel, or end up like Pro Bowler Tony Romo, or Champion Joe Flacco and other smaller school QBs that made it in the league? Only time will tell.

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