Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott setting records for Dallas


When Tony Romo went down for a large part of the 2016 season with a compression fracture in his vertebrae in a preseason game, the fans of Dallas certainly weren’t sure as to what to expect for the upcoming season. Tony had been their resilient leader for many years – to some Romo is a choker and subpar QB, but in reality he has been a great QB for his very
reputable career. Romo was looking to be out of the game for roughly
6-10 weeks. With those kinds of numbers, that would put him available for the field around week 8 against the Eagles and their rejuvenated defensive line, with Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham leading them.

In steps in 23 year old rookie, Dak Prescott, and in a mere 5
games, he has given them around 250 YPG, 101
.5 QB rating, and leading the Cowboys to a 5-1 start.

He has been nothing short of excellent from what has been seen of his on field play. He just threw his first INT in game 6 on Sunday vs the Packers.

Prescott is playing for one of the biggest brands in football – and that on its own carries a burden and he has handled it amazingly well. Dak has not shown any signs of being afraid of playing on the big stage as a rookie, and has displayed great leadership and poise for his team. The Cowboys have obviously had their issues with Romo going down before – but things look vastly
different now. In particular to how they looked last year, when Romo
went down – and they had Matt Cassel leading the team onto the field. Prescott is already far ahead of the learning curve for the Cowboys.

Prescott will without question be the heir apparent to Romo in Dallas. The main question that has to be discussed, is when? Romo has had more than his share of injuries, and he has beaten and battered for numerous long years in the NFL. Regardless of the naysayers and the “haters” –
Romo has continued to put up excellent numbers for a Cowboys team that he has carried for years. But there
comes a time when GMs and coaches have to save players from themselves. This could be that time. Romo would, of course,
immediately going to give value
and pride to the Cowboys – but Prescott is bringing more than enough quality as well. At this point Dak and Ezekiel Elliot could be Co-MVP’s or Rookies of the Year.

Romo is a great vet to learn from, and brings know-how to the table for any young QB to listen to. The Cowboys already have a dynamic duo with Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott. Elliot has given them 546 YDs
and 5 TDs
– while Dak has involved players like slot receiver, Cole Beasley, who instantly has become the Cowboys top targeted receiver.

There is too much that points in the direction of letting Prescott keep the helm. As well as having a smart and established QB like Tony Romo being able to mentor and coach up your future is a super advantageous thing to have – and if the Cowboys go in that direction – they are lucky to have that possibility.

Prescott has been one of the biggest surprises of the NFL season – and the moment Dak was given the opportunity to take the reigns – he took them and held them tight. His accuracy has been excellent at 67% – ahead of greats like Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger. And his QB rating also puts him in the top ended category of QBs.

Of course Prescott will have his bumps along the way – it’s normal. But in complete honesty – it is not going to be the end of the world to have Prescott taking charge of the Cowboys offense going forward. Give him the wheel and let him play.
Written by TonyK for VegasTopDogs.com

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