How far have the Seattle Seahawks fallen


The Seahawks offense has to find a way to move the ball with consistency. The play calling has been complacent and poor. They seem to be running run plays that don’t seem to really have any significant value on the field. They have also allowed teams to find opportunities to come back in their games.

This Seahawks team seems to be showing their true colors in the end of games. In the 4th quarter, in particular, they are looking more like the 7-9 playoff team from 2010. The Seahawks are faltering fast in the late quarters their defense is getting sluggish and the offense, is actually pathetic. This team is getting into the bad knack of blowing late leads. Not something that any team wants to have hanging over their head. They really need to fix this issue, or the season is shot.

Reason why? The defense is simply out on the field too much. And they have sometimes looked a bit lazy on offense.

One thing they could consider is trying to find a way to get Jimmy Graham a way to get the ball. The guy is a great player with has 13 career 100+ YD games, he is a game changer. Getting him involved would help the whole team, from Russell Wilson to the running game, to their mediocre WRs. But can Jimmy Graham be effective in Seattle? I questioned it when he first left New Orleans. They don’t have that kind of offense.

The QB has had some problems seeing over some of their tall players, and had struggled completing a pass over them. I feel than quick, fast, and shifty receivers would work better in Seattle, more guys like Lockett.

Russell Wilson has been struggling and is having a real problem running the struggling offense. With only 1 game with more than 1 TD pass, he isn’t looking like a Super Bowl winning QB. Wilson has seemingly forgotten what made him a very good QB, for the last several seasons. He is having anticipation problems, and is making poor decisions, throwing into double coverage in bad areas, like the endzone.

Wilson is looking for deep routes, when at times he just needs to hit a quick slant. Sometimes he gets looking ahead, and begins running around all over the place, trying to make something happen. Although, brave, sometimes not necessary and needs to step up and fire the ball where it’s needed. He is just not executing his offensive plays. He needs to keep in mind, he’s their QB not their RB. The sport of football is a complete team sport and not a one man show. Pull it down and move the ball through the air.

Seattle’s mediocre offense has only 2 games of 21 or more 1st downs. Including games with 18 or less, they aren’t keeping drives going on offense. The question that needs to be asked, is when are they going to make some sort of change, somewhere. Do they? Should they? RB Thomas Rawls has been excellent, and needs to stay involved for the season. Baby beast mode needs to keep getting his carries. He is chunking away getting 5.6 a touch.

This season will be trying if they keep playing like this, and they will be lucky to find themselves a wildcard spot. If they can somehow get to 10-6 this year, they can, but with games coming up vs the Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals 2 times, and a tough Minnesota Vikings team, on the road, it might not happen. Right now it just doesn’t look like they are having much fun out there anymore playing. Seems this team has gone down the path of getting paid, and that’s it. It could be time to think about dumping some of the high-priced “talent” to free up some money for guys who really want to play, or improve that Oline. On a team, every player has their role on that team, and they need to make the plays expected if them. This whole team does not look like championship team they were in 2013, when they were competing every week. If not fixed fast, they could find themselves back to the old drawing board soon.

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