Should Peyton Manning play for less

Obviously Peyton Manning has had nothing short of an amazing career and great player and face for the NFL for 17 seasons. But this offseason is going to be beyond interesting. Especially with what Peyton Manning should do in regards to his payment for his services.
The Broncos have to consider many things with the aging QB. Peyton will likely agree to another season, the team is wanting him to take a cut in pay. But by doing that, does it give him the opportunity to also get other offers while waiting for the chance? As far as a cut in pay, I feel he should, to make a real and legit case to try and bring the Broncos to that elusive championship that he was brought in to get them. He should want to keep the team together.
Still, at his ripe old age of 38, he is still putting up awesome stats. He had an “off season” and his season in 2014, still would have been a dream season for any QB. The guy is one of the best QBs we have ever seen play the game in our lifetime. He is a classy man, and a great player. I don’t want to see him hang on too long with noodle arm throws after week 11 anymore. There comes a time when you have to ride off to the sunset, wave, and leave with class.
I think that aging QBs who are still demanding ridiculous wages, are out of control. Especially when they have had a successful career, and have made boatloads of money already. Let’s be honest, they don’t need the money. If they take lower pay,then they hand over a bunch of salary cap for the team to spend on other weapons for them to win the championships that they want to get to. Personally, his wage makes no sense to me. 19M for a 38 year old QB, who has had some really awful playoff performances, which is why you got him, to win those games, is idiotic.
What means more to the player? A few more million dollars or the championship? Peyton actually has a chance to make a statement, if he did something like sign for the league minimum, his endorsements would probably even go higher, and players respect would skyrocket, and his legendary status would become mythical.
Plus he could be a trendsetter for future players. Brady took a hit, so he could get more talent around him and as a result, another championhip ring. They could get extra money and invest in keeping players around him, or geting even more to add for him.
Honestly, if Peyton wants to retire with another ring on his finger, money should be no object to him at this point. Regardless of what many of his fans may want to believe, he can’t carry the Broncos on his back to the SuperBowl, no matter how great he is. Especially at his advanced age. The team, as a whole, has had Julius Thomas, Demaryius Thomas, Emanuel Sanders on offense and on the defensive side, Demarcus Ware and Von Miller, who had great seasons. It is not likely to really put a better team around him than Manning had last year. They had, on paper, the most talented roster in the NFL.
He has had a history of poor playoff performances, including last season vs the Colts, when he struggled and bumbled his way to 211 yds passing, and a pathetic 4.5 yds/passing attempt. His best days are past, which I would think realistically, with or without him the Broncos are not a legit SuperBowl contender.
Executive VP of Football Operations/General Manager, Elway, has done everything possible to put the best team around him. But still, when it comes to crunch time Manning just falls flat, and disappoints. Most of the leagues elite QBs would have gotten the trophy with that squad.
Peytons head falls apart when the going gets tough. As does his aging arm. I think he will always be known as the best regular season QB of all time. He easily had way better weapons than most other QBs had, there comes a point where you have to ask, how much more can you put around a player? Peyton, obviously, can only dictate offense, I am not a banger on teams success based off of one player. But, he didn’t do what they brought him in to do, come big time play, let’s be brutally honest.
With RB C.J. Anderson coming around last season, I think they should, if things can be worked out, move towards a 55 to 45% run to pass in 2015. He just isn’t the QB he once was. Start moving into a run more offense, and keep him as fresh as possible. Simple as that. The Broncos get 10-11 great games from Peyton, make those 10-11 count.
The QB beyond any other position in the NFL has to be more mentally preparied than any other position to me. In the playoffs against the Colts, which I know I have gone on about, but that game he played was one of the worst I have ever seen a great QB ever play. He actually looked like a scared rookie.
It seems that mentally his mind goes blank in every game which is most important we have gtten used to see that over the last two years. It is rather sad to see someone like him, one of the best ever, struggling with how to prepare and make a decision. Make the right one Peyton.

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