Is Stephen Curry the best player in the NBA?


Stephen Curry and his dominance of the NBA courts this season have been nothing short of awesome. He is a player that should and will remain with this team for a long time. Curry has always been able to shoot the rock with amazing and deadly accuracy. But he has added more to his game. Now he’s getting to the rim more and making plays in the paint as well as breaking ankles with some of his dribbling moves. Drilling 5 and 6 threes in a game, at this point, is astonishingly nothing new for the 26 year old star.
When Curry came out of Davidson, I enjoyed watching him in the NCAA tournament, which was where I think the majority of people were likely opened to his skills. Obviously we aren’t and shouldn’t be at all surprised to see him shoot the way he does.
Curry can score from anywhere on the court. He can make plays for everyone else. He can create his own shot, and what I love most, is he is a team guy, and doesn’t force things in the game, he doesn’t try to play the hero, he let’s the game just flow. Steph has everything you want from your floor leader, including his great footwork. He can facilitate the game like a legendary PG, with 8 dimes/game.
And his defense has gotten better as well. This season he has 17 games with 2 or more steals, I’m mildly surprised at just how good Curry’s defense has been. And with his much improved his defense he can now make the important stops or help out off switches at a higher level. Keeping a belief that his D is just as important, has been excellent, instead of making him solely the offensive specialist, which he has obviously mastered.
He does more for his team than any other PG in the league. CP3 and Russel Westbrook as PGs may get a lot of attention, but comparing them to Curry right now, doesn’t come close. Westbrook cannot shoot the ball like Curry. And CP3 simply cannot take a game over like Curry. The argument is invalid, they are both very good PGs and can be talked about that way, but not best. He is doing everything on the court at the elite level.
Curry is shooting 39% on 3s, 58% on 2s, 92% on FTs. Averaging 23 ppg, 8 apg, 5 rpg. And has a true shooting of 58% not to mention his PER rating of 26.30 which is higher than LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Blake Griffin, all guys that the media gives an awful lot of attention to over Steph.
He has proven with steady leadership, as the Warriors are now 25-5 with only 1 home loss. They have really emerged as one of the league’s true top end teams, and are one to watch for. Curry and Klay Thompson have emerged as the NBA’s best backcourt, with their deadly combination of of speed, athleticism and court smarts that keeps the NBA on their toes, waiting for the explosion from them, when they are on the court.
Curry’s ascendance has given Warrior’s fans a much-needed lift on which to have strong belief their future. And play like that has to start from the leaders of the team. And Curry has set the standard. Golden State and their success is because they play as a team. There are no big egos, they don’t play selfish ball, proven by their 4th in NBA ranking in the NBA in ball distribution.
There is no question, that Curry is the best PG in basketball right now. With the talent on this Golden State team, Curry knows inconceivably, that when he brings his A-game, there is no one else out there who can beat this team. And yes, that includes the Spurs, who have been very average this season so far. It’s all resting on Curry now, this seems to be his title to lose. I think that the rest of the league is hoping he’s not on that game.
Right now, after many years of frustration it’s a good time to be a Warrior fan as they are having a huge winning season.
We all have our own concept as to what a best player is. And there really is no right or wrong answer, which is what makes it the greatest conversation in any sport. Stephen Curry has more than proven what he means to his team, with his leadership, maturity on and off the court, his scoring, passing, and all round play have been nothing short of awesome. As for right now, LeBron and Durant may get the media love as the best player, for their own skill sets and what they bring to their teams. but let’s keep a watchful eye on one guy named Stephen Curry Let’s watch him for the next 8-10 years and enjoy, I know I will be.

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