2014-15 NBA Predictions


The NBA season is upon us and we have more to look at as far as who will be winning their divisions, and what to expect this season. Unfortunately, just 8 teams in each conference get to move on to the playoffs, so let’s take a look at the divisions, and how they look to pan out for 2014-2015.

There will be some surprises and some especially painful changes this year, for some teams, and some that will be smiling once the season gets rolling.


y- Brooklyn Nets 46-36
( 44-38 last year)

x- Toronto Raptors 44-38
( 48-34 last year)

New York Knicks 33-49
( 37-45 last year)

Boston Celtics 31-51
( 25-57 last year)

Philadelphia 76ers 20-62
( 19-63 last year)

z- Cleveland Cavaliers 62-20
( 33-49 last year)

x- Chicago Bulls 52-30
( 48-34 last year)

Indiana Pacers 36-46
( 56-26 last year)

Detroit Pistons 32-50
( 29-53 last year)

Milwaukee Bucks 23-59
( 15-67 last year)

y- Washington Wizards 49-33
( 44-38 last year)

x- Miami Heat 46-36
( 54-28 last year)

x- Charlotte Bobcats 44-38
( 43-39 last year)

x- Atlanta Hawks 40-42
( 38-44 last year)

Orlando Magic 27-55
( 23-59 last year)



z – Oklahoma City Thunder 57-25
( 59-23 last year)

x- Portland Trailblazers 49-33
( 54-28 last year)

Denver Nuggets 40-42
( 36-46 last year)

Minnesota Timberwolves 28-54
( 40-42 last year)

Utah Jazz 23-55
( 25-57 last year)

y- Los Angeles Clippers 57-25
( 57-25 last year)

x- Golden State Warriors 54-28
( 51-31 last year)

x- Phoenix Suns 46-36
( 48-34 last year)

Los Angeles Lakers 32-50
( 27-55 last year)

Sacramento Kings 30-52
( 28-54 last year)

y- San Antonio Spurs 53-29
( 62-20 last year)

x- Dallas Mavericks 52-30
( 49-33 last year)

x- Houston Rockets 45-37
( 54-28 last year)

Memphis Grizzlies 44-38
( 50-32 last year)

New Orleans Pelicans 37-45
( 34-48 last year)

z – Clinched Conference y – Clinched Division x – Clinched Playoff Berth

I, like the majority, expect the Cavs to become a dominant force across the league, Denver will be much improved, but just not quite enough to take home a playoff spot this season. It hurts me to say this, because I was pulling for Orlando to get their act together, and show they can be a better team without the pain, that is Dwight Howard from years ago, but I think once Nikola Vucevic stays healthy and Victor Oladipo get on the same page, they can be a duo for year to come for the NBA to deal with. There is no question the Warriors will be even better than last year, considering Andrew Bogut was banged up a lot of the season and they added veteran Leandro Barbosa to fill in.

All in all, it’s going to be great, let’s get ready to enjoy some hoops!


2014-2015 NBA CHAMPIONS; Cleveland Cavaliers

Written for VegasTopDogs.com

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