Seattle Seahawks Best Move

Seattle’s best move was dumping Percy Harvin and not this cheerleader.
The Seattle Seahawks had decided it was time for Percy Harvin to no longer be a part of their organization. The 6 yr WR this season for Seattle was struggling with 22 catches for 133 YDs receiving and 0 receiving TDs. His 133 receiving YDs was 4th on the team.
The decision to dump him off came as a slight surprise to some, but apparently he had more than enough issues going on behind the scenes in Seattle. Including fighting with teammates before the SuperBowl, and giving black eyes to his co-workers. Looking back, now, this has got to be monetarily, the absolute worst decision of the Pete Carroll and John Schneider era. When they grabbed him from Minnesota and in turn the Vikings got their 1st rd draft pick Cordarelle Patterson, essentially to replace Harvin, many folks thought Harvin was going to explode in Seattle.
But, now, as time has played its cards, as always, maybe Seattle should have been more inclined to pay Golden Tate and his great hands and let Percy go from the beginning. This was a terrible choice by the Seahawks overall. Problems continue now as the Hawks aren’t deep in depth at WR. With Doug Baldwin and probably Jermaine Kearse now their WR1 and WR2, they have essentially a virtual unknown group of guys for Russel Wilson to sling the ball to. So, talent wise, Harvin was likely considered their best receiver.
A rotten attitude can spread quickly, so you are forced to cut the bad apples. Especially, if the team isn’t playing its best football either. Seattle is currently sitting at 3-3 and currently out of the playoff hunt, if it started today. No matter how ‘good’ a player has potential to be, is, or was, a team is better off getting rid of a problem player. The team will move on and be better for it.
Harvin was a detriment to the offense at times as well. He struggled with timing routes, and also had some problems getting open against zone coverages. He made most of his work on quick slants, and on crossing routes. Almost in a way, a one trick pony. Most of his catches were made within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. When he was in Minnesota, I remember well, how he was used, and he was able to get downfield with his speed, but he really made a living making his catches no further than quick 5 yard outs. Which is often an indicator that a player could be struggling at running his routes. Every team needs that receiver that can be where they need to be, and get open for the catch 10 or 15 yards downfield. If they can’t break off, like that, your WR1 may not be worth having in your offense.
Seattle tried to make a trade with Denver to get super TE Julius Thomas. Now this thought, was absurd to me, to say the least. It’s almost as if they tried to sabotage Denver. Why would Peyton ever give up one of his favorite toys for Seattle’s least favorite. A beast of a TE with great hands, for a player that would play on and off, and the way the offense works, he would likely be a WR3 at best in Denver anyway. That’s an absolute joke.
Harvin is a good player, but not a star like Thomas. In my opinion, Thomas would easily be worth worth a 1st rd pick. There’s no way Harvin is, right now. How could they offer a train wreck like Harvin for Denver’s best Tight End? I have no idea to even think that Seattle thought that Denver would ever consider that disaster.
So, in the end, Harvin is now on the New York Jets. Where he will line up alongside Eric Decker, 24 catches 3 TDs, and currently their WR1. Where as Decker was their big sign this off season, I question how this is going to work. If he was fighting with his teammates in Seattle, where they were a winning team, how is this going to come together in New York, and how will Rex handle this problem child arriving?
I feel bad for Geno, who has has hands full. I still question Geno, and what his future is in the NFL, he has had a struggle in his 23 games for the Jets. And he has been terrible at times. But, if Harvin had a problem with Christian Ponder, how is this going to work with Geno and his passing?
Granted, he does bring something to the Jets, who have been horrendous passing the ball. Decker is the only WR with more than 1 TD catch. So Harvin brings another option. Jets fans honestly, don’t have a lot to cheer about, he will bring another weapon for Geno, which has been the issue his career. Decker as the crisp route runner, Harvin as the 4-5 YD out, bubble screen guy. We’ll see how it works.
It just kind of smells similar to the Eagles and the Redskins. Locker room problem DeSean Jackson. You cause an issue on a good team trying to move forward, send them to the basement.

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