Has Kirk Cousins shown that the Skins are now officially his team?


The Redskins have obviously had some issues finding and keeping a QB on the field as their main guy to lead their franchise. Overall, of course a football team in general is set up for a drop back passer to work the field and feel oncoming pressure, dip out and make plays. As like mostly any other team in the NFL.

When Robert Griffin III was drafted in 2012 he was the “it” guy. Drafted 2nd overall by the Redskins, he was immediately donned as their next big QB to step in and take over the helm. An without question, Griffin showed he had his own skill set, that he brought, but he needs to get up to speed on passing from the pocket, and that’s where I have lost faith in him. The second Griffin feels some pressure closing in on him, he seems to lose his focus and breaks out of the pocket, which then in turn causes the play to break down. Then everything becomes sandlot football.

Griffins dislocation of his left ankle is possibly putting him on the shelf for the season. Griffin has already shown that he has slowed down, since his ACL injury in 2013. And is certainly not as dynamic as he was in 2012 before the injury. Now on top of that, let’s also add a dislocated ankle as well. This is not going to end well for him. It’s just even that much more to mess with his mind, and could likely slow him down that much more. It makes one question to me, truthfully, is this guy just too fragile to make it in the pros?

How do QBs like Griffin work in the NFL?

He seems that maybe he could be better off in an offense based off of the read option. like San Fran, or Seattle type schemes. It all comes back to Griffin learning how to develop into a better pocket passer, and he just hasn’t taken that next step. learning how to move within the protection of the O-line, and not bail out after the 1st option isn’t open.

We all loved RGIIIs potential. Which of course is the most over-used word in sports. Teams can sit for only so long before it’s time to forget about potential and go with what works in the here and now. And even worse, at this point, RGIII is so beat up, I find it very doubtful he will ever reach the potential that so many were hoping for.

Kirk had come in from a pro-style offense at MSU, and is obviously more attuned to the game-style. Cousins has proven in the past, he is a better pocket passer. Kirk always keeps his eyes down the field, going through his progressions. And this is with the same team, and the same pressure coming at him that Griffin has had. It has been shown over and over in the NFL, quick decision making, a quick release, and good accuracy, is what wins with a QB. Cousins has all of these attributes. Cousins reads the field well enough, not perfectly, but adequate. And has a good enough arm to move the ball downfield to get the job done.

Kirk has been up and down throwing the ball in his games, he started off like a house on fire, then cooled off a bit, but sitting with 10 TD passes and 8 Ints, and he has been good with avoiding sacks, better than RGIII actually. Compiled with the fact, that he has only really had one real clunker of a game this year stands strong to who he is a QB in this league right now. But at 0-4 as their starter, how much sits on him, when their D has given up 35/gm, how much can be expected?

What is interesting enough though, looking back. Was Mike Shanahan actually right in not wanting Griffin as his guy? I think that Cousins was Shanahan’s actual choice for the starting QB position. But ego maniac, Dan Snyder nipped that in the bud, and pushed for RGIII. Makes you wonder, even just for a bit.

I feel that RGIII was a player who had a lot of good things going for him. He was easily likeable, he had charisma, he had playmaking ability. But he ended up lacking the confidence that he needed to get to the next level in the NFL. So far, on the season, Kirk hasn’t been perfect, but with time, I do believe Kirk Cousins is ready for his chance. He sat long enough, he is ready for the next step, he has been up and down in his games this season. Sometimes he has looked great, sometimes terrible, but he is getting his chance to show what he can do, he’s basically a rookie playing now. It’s time to say move over RGIII, unfortunately the hype and the shimmer that he brought to the game, upon entering, is gone.

It comes back to the good old fashioned pocket passer, getting the job done…again.

Article written by TonyK of VegasTopDogs.com

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