Is Ryan Tannehill the answer in Miami

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill has been steadily decent in his first 2 seasons in Miami. With 36 TD passes in his first 32 games, to his 30 picks in the same time-frame, he has had his shares of ups and downs. He has been hit and miss with his accuracy, at times, looking really sharp sometimes, hitting on 62% of his throws, in his good games, and then we have the rough games, where he is 10-27 completing 37%. Who is the real Ryan?

Ryan has led his team to 15 wins over 32 games, which is pretty satisfactory for a team that is playing in a division with the mighty Patriots. And has led his teams to wins over the Colts, the Pats and Bengals last season. But it’s time for him to take his team on his shoulders, and can he, does he have the ability to that? When he was drafted 8th overall in 2012 he came out of Texas A&M as a high-end prospect. With most opinions about him being that he was a manageable “work in progress, but could be amazing.”

When playing in Texas, Tannehill was nothing short of a quick wonderboy, with 29 TD passes, a late upsurge and a great 2011 season behind him to back up his legacy. And in only 2 seasons of playing, had a following that many felt he was going to be an exceptional player. He has always had a slight issue with his accuracy, even then. How does his future look wearing the Dolphins aqua blue?

His receiving corps has been unstable over the last couple seasons. With Brian Hartline being the best option for him in getting open, seemingly, all the time. And Davone Bess in 2012 and now he’s in Cleveland, awaiting Manziels legacy to begin.

Out of the backfield, in 2012, they have had Reggie Bush who could at least provide some alleviation in the passing attempts for him, as the Dolphins were in the top 10 last year, in the NFL with passing the ball. Tannehill has had 12 games with at least 35 passing attempts. That’s a lot of pressure to move the team via airwaves. Now, adding Knowshon Moreno, will be a priceless piece in this offense. He has an ability to gain positive yards in certain downs, in particular on 3rd downs. Where the ‘Phins were awful last year. Moreno got 53 first downs in 2013. Compared to just 26 for Lamar Miller and 17 for Daniel Thomas. Moreno will really help them gain more short yardage conversions. Again taking away some urgency of their QB to be forced to throw. Every team, would like to have a guy out of the backfield who can catch some balls, and make a play. Moreno can be that guy. He proved in 2013 that he can do that easily. I feel the Dolphins need to employ his all around ball skills often.

And with Mike Wallace looking like he could be a growing in his advancement as a legit WR1, and rookie Jarvis Landry coming in to show what he has to add to the mix, I think it’s time for Tannehill to come around. The Dolphins have put their QB in position to deliver the goods. Last year, their O-line was garbage. And throwing the ball all the time, was their best choice. But they have fixed the O-line this off-season. Adding LT Branden Albert and keeping Mike Pouncey, quickly created an offensive line with 2 Pro-Bowlers. I think that Tannehill is going to be the long haul guy to carry them forward. Ryan Tannehill is only going to get better with his passing skills and his knowledge to read defenses once he gets a solid RB behind him, I feel he could easily be a 25+ TD guy in the NFL. As long as they give him some time to throw, they could win 10+ games pretty quickly.

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