2014 NFL Season Wins Over/Unders

NFL 2014

So it isn’t even August yet, but that won’t stop me from coming out with some NFL Regular Season Win Total prop bets.

I did a radio show about a month ago when the lines first started to creep out, and I waited a bit before posting on the website. Although it is really never to early to talk NFL, I just felt like the season never really ended with the late draft.


NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS –(Best Bet) OVER 10.5 – These guys have 11 straight 10+ win seasons. I tried betting against them last year with the team below them here. I won’t fade the Hoodies until they break this streak on their own! MIAMI=”” DOLPHINS=”” –=”” OVER=”” 8=”” NEW YORK JETS –UNDER 7 – I think this bunch were overachievers last season. I didn’t think they would win many games. They managed an 8-8 record with a QB who tossed 21 INTs. I can’t discount this defense. They are very good. But I do see a bit of regression overall. Vick isn’t the answer and Geno is still raw.

BUFFALO BILLS – OVER 6.5 – This was almost my Best Bet in this division. I mean, you traded away a #1 pick to move up. This offense should take a big step forward, and I think overall the team is better.


CINCINNATI BENGALS – OVER 9 – Looking at the North, I see a weak division, and the Bengals with loads of talent. Pittsburgh and Baltimore really didn’t improve much in my eyes and the Browns, well, it’s Cleveland.


I think both of these teams have some issues on both sides of the ball. They will be facing teams from the NFC South, which I think is a very tough division. I see 7-9, 8-8, 9-7 depending how something break personnel wise.

CLEVELAND BROWNS – UNDER 6.5 – Johnny Football or not, this is still the Browns. The defense is ok, and the offense is scary. As in, scary bad. The WR situation is not looking good.


INDIANAPOLIS COLTS – OVER 9.5 – I will be honest. I thought these guys overachieved last year. Heck, the last 2 years with Luck. But they are talented and this division is a little weak in my eyes.

HOUSTON TEXANS – OVER 7.5 – I will tell you this, I was thinking under here. But I think the defense is too good to overlook. They QB situation can’t be any worse than last year. How many picks for 7 were thrown last season?

TENNESSEE TITANS – OVER 7 – This is one of my sleeper teams. Sometimes, you know how you don’t see a team coming. Not sure why, but I think this is that team this season.

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (Best Bet) – OVER 4.5 – This team was dreadful but still won 4 games last season. I liked what I saw in Bortles. And although I don’t think he will be a day 1 starter, this team didn’t quit last year. I think that is a good sign of leadership from the coach down.


DENVER BRONCOS – OVER 11 – Will lay a bit of juice with this number. And why not. This offense was unstoppable last year. Why won’t it be this year? We are looking for wins, not covers. I think the defense is better which should be helpful. Ware and a healthy Von Miller. QBs will be running for their lives.

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS – UNDER 8 – 11 wins last year. I loved KC last year. It was by Top Total of the year. That was because Andy Reid was getting to face his old rivals in the NFC East. Not so lucky this year facing the NFC West. I look for a slide back to reality.

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS – OVER 8 – This team surprised me last year. I think they are as good or better than last season. With KC and Oakland, I see them getting a sweep and half the wins they need.

OAKLAND RAIDERS – UNDER 5 – Just Win Baby. Holy Cow. This team is terrible. I don’t care who they signed. How decent the defense is. What veteran guys are here. I am not expecting much.


PHILADELPHIA EAGLES – OVER 9- I didn’t think much of Kelly in his first season. But getting 10 wins. Most impressive. I think this division is weaker, and he is getting his players. That means they will be better.

DALLAS COWBOYS – 8 TIE – I can’t go any other way. These guys have been 8-8 the last 3 years!

NEW YORK GIANTS – OVER 7.5 – Eli was brutal last year. I think he is better than that.

WASHINGTON REDSKINS (Best Bet) UNDER 7 – New coach. New system. RG III will need some time to get accustomed to things.


GREEN BAY PACKERS – UNDER 10 – With Aaron Rodgers, anything is possible. But I think there are still too many questions on defense.

DETROIT LIONS – 8 TIE – These guys are like the Cowboys in that they have lots of talent and no clue how to win.

CHICAGO BEARS (Best Bet) – OVER 8 – I like this coach. Out of the CFL he was great last year. With a healthy Cutler and these WRs watch out.

MINNESOTA VIKINGS – UNDER 6 – What is there to say here? AP is wasting away.


NEW ORLEANS SAINTS – UNDER 9.5 – I do think the Saints are very talented. Hands down the best QB here. But I think the rest of the division is catching up.

ATLANTA FALCONS – OVER 8 – Weren’t these guys in a NFC Championship game a couple years ago? They are talented and will be back to their winning ways.

CAROLINA PANTHERS – UNDER 8 – This was almost my South Best Bet. I think Cam will be taking a step back as his offensive line is getting an overhaul. Plus he loses a WR in Smith, who, well you just throw the ball in his direction and he would catch it. Awful lot of pressure on the defense to win 13-10 games.

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (Best Bet) – OVER 7 – Like the Titans, this is my NFC surprise team. I like their moves. Like what I see from the coaches. These guys might be in the playoff hunt.


SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (Best Bet) -UNDER 11 – Defending champs. And they are good. But when you just dominated the Super Bowl, you will get every teams A-Game. We will be dog hunting as these lines will be inflated all year long!

SAN FRANCISCO 49ers – UNDER 10.5 – As good as this team is, they aren’t the best in division. And I think the guys below them are closing in. Toughest division in the NFL.

ARIZONA CARDINALS – OVER 7.5 – These guys won 10 games last year. I think they are as good or better. Would not shock me to see the division winner at 10 games, a couple at 9-7 and even 8-8 here.

ST LOUIS RAMS – OVER 7.5 – Another improving team. When you are bad for years, you get some talent. The defense is chock full of good players. The offense is improving. Fisher will have these guys ready this year to make a big jump.

I will be doing a full NFL Preview and your CFB Conference Previews in a few weeks. – Sean Higgs of VegasTopDogs.com

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