Dallas Cowboy Fans: A Glimmer of Hope


I texted a good friend and fellow Cowboys’ fan that if Jerry Jones drafts Johnny Manziel it would be the last straw. It was the longest 10 minutes of my life. And than it was all over. They made the right move for once. If the Cowboys drafted Johnny Manziel it would have set back this franchise to new lows. No matter what some experts say, Tony Romo is a very good QB and should have ample time to find his receivers. This however was a good draft for the Cowboys. Zack Martin was an obvious choice for me, and I’m glad the Cowboys shored up an important part to being successful. Dallas now has a very big, athletic, and versatile offensive line. Something that has been lacking in recent years. DeMarco Murray and the entire Cowboys offense should benefit this upcoming season.

Moving up to steal DE DeMarcus Lawerence early in the second round was a nice surprise and a bit ironic. He has first round talent written all over him and takes the sting out of losing DeMarcus Ware due to the salary cap. I watched Lawerence play a lot at Boise State and love his skill-set. His 20 sacks in 23 career games doesn’t tell you how good of a player Dallas got. Lawrence plays with extreme lateral quickness while also displaying a lot of power to his game. His dynamic first step and pursuit skills will translate very well to the NFL. The defense that the Cowboys play is very similar to the defense that he played in college at Boise State. His familiarity in the 4-3 defense will only help him reach his full potential faster. I see a double digit sack monster for many years to come. Great pick.

Dallas grabbed Pittsburgh WR Devin Street in the fifth round before taking Iowa LB Anthony Hitchens with its fourth round selection. Both are decent picks with Street potentially ending up as another steal. He has first round talent and should be able to contribute immediately. I like his size (6’3, 195) and willingness to do whatever it takes to help his team win. He is a very good blocker too. The Cowboys are stacked at the TE/WR position.

The Cowboys spent the rest of their draft on a bunch of lottery tickets, hoping to improve a defense that surrendered the 3rd most yards in NFL history last season. Dallas needs some of its seventh rounders to be an above average NFL player. Way before the draft, Dallas added DT Terrell McClain, DE Jeremy Mincey, and DT, Henry Melton. All three players are better than what they put out last season. Now, all the that’s left is finding the very best 11 players on defense to come together, after watching one of the worst stop units I have ever seen in 2013. I know the Cowboys will be able to score points if all healthy. On paper, it looks like the Cowboys won’t be as bad on defense, but they have a long way to go. A glimmer of hope for all Cowboy fans. Will it be another 8-8 season? Will it be better or perhaps worse? Only time will tell. So will injuries and how the ball bounces.

Written by Jeff Hochman of VegasTopDogs.com

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