NBA draft top prospects – how will they live up to their hype?


Well it’s time during the NBA playoffs, that we can enjoy the teams making their pushes and hustling for the NBA title this year. But, in the same breath, there is also something else going on, something quieter, in the background of the NBA. The losers who didn’t make the playoffs. Those waiting and watching, and they can get to turn, to find their star players who are coming from college to the NBA in this years draft. This years draftees look strong and ripe and overall it appears that this is going to be a very good draft.

One thing is for sure, just weeks after the crazy-ness of March Madness has ended, and we got to see players pick up their games under the push of the limelight, it always seems to be that there’s simply nothing like playing big time in the NCAA Tournament to move up the NBA draft board. It brings a time for the college stars to have their possibility to showcase their skills in serious pressure-packed conditions against the country’s best athletes. The intensity of the tourney carries a huge weight on the shoulder of the ballers.

Winning big when it matters is a great accomplishment, and certainly Shabazz Napier, benefited from his play. And a great player I also see not getting the attention that I think he justly deserves is Michigan States forward Adreian Payne, who was first-rate during the season, scoring 16 and hitting 50%, including shooting 42% from the 3pt line.

Kansas superstar Andrew Wiggins can play all over the court, and most people have fallen in love with the 6-8 200lb guard. He could perhaps have the best potential to become the next “it” guy. He has impressive dimensions and his athleticism is almost unmatched. And topping that with the fact he plays defense very well, he can be a very potent player for years to come. Julius Randle has an excellent ability to impact any game he is in with his ability to get his teammates involved, whether he is crashing the boards, finding someone hanging around outside the arc looking for an open trey, he has many more ways than one to get a team production. Jabari Parker is the realest star to me, coming out of the college pool this year, who ever gets him will have a starter immediately, and a potential franchise player for years to come.

You really cannot go wrong between Parker, Wiggins and Napier. Even if they don’t all instantly pan out, all 3 have such unique abilities and upside that there’s minimum reason to pass over them in the draft.

Perfect example of season by season is Joel Embiid who was not even really considered a really effective player entering the college season, but Embiid made his cause with his ability to score in the low post and also change the game forcibly on the defensive end. Especially with the fact that the NBA seriously lacks big men who can reign down low in the paint, on both ends of the floor. I don’t see Embiid owning the league quickly, but as a long-term project who will improve over the years.

Napier is unbelievably athletic, he has a lot to bring to a team. I think that many, including myself, have really missed on how good Napier is. He has astounding quickness, an impressive jump shot, and great rebounding ability, with 6 a game for a 6-1 guard. He should, and will be a top 10 pick.

Overall, Parker has the whole package going for him to me. He can move the ball and has great handles. He can defend and rebound and has a great NBA body. I’d personally prefer Parker over anyone else out there. Wiggins has the highest crown, with his abilities. Embiid is a legitimate building block, but his back issues are a huge reason I wouldn’t take him. I have also seen the likes of Hasheem Thabeet, become a waste in the NBA quickly. I have my concerns. Napier will be the surprise guy somebody will steal. And Adreian Payne will be a solid 4 for years to come who can stretch defenses.

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