How much have the Detroit Lions improved with their signing former Seahawks WR Golden Tate?


Many of the average Seahawk fans may have not even known who Golden Tate was when he came on the scene in 2010, but after a 64 catch, 898 YD and 5 TD season. Leading the team in every one of those categories, now I think they know who is is, pretty well. With the free agency mish mash gone crazy, this signing was a great unpredicted snag for the Detroit Lions. He brings in versatility and speed to be a sensational 2nd option to Calvin Johnson.

When Percy Harvin came back, and looked as if he was ready again to be the main guy for Seattle this decidedly made him expendable on the team. Which makes me question what their plans are for their passing attack now?

Some may feel that Tate is an unestablished player, with just 165 catches in his first 4 seasons with the Hawks, and no 1000 YD seasons, but keep in mind, Seattle is a run first team, behind Marshawn Lynch that doesn’t throw the ball much. They only attempted 25 pass attempts a game last year, with a QB who also is quick to bolt from the pocket. So with that in mind, how is it achievable for Tate to rack up a load of yards receiving? Tate is a play maker. and what he brings to the Lions will be a quality to be a Percy Harvin-esque style. With his impressive hands, he catches everything thrown in his direction. This was without a doubt a good signing. He will be a powerful WR2 that will give the team a great player for many sets. He’s strong and physical, and is be able to get separation.

Granted, maybe the Lions could have looked at other options for free agency pick ups, maybe some help on a defense that allowed 24, or an offensive lineman, to help Stafford have a little more time to get off uncontested throws. So it does seem, the Lions are looking to really work teams secondaries, yet again this season. And they have the weapons to do it. This was a very canny move, looking to take advantage of CBs, especially in the NFC North. Between him and Calvin Johnson, they could perhaps have one of the most high-octane WR duos in the league. With Reggie Bush getting 54 catches out of the backfield, this team is becoming even more of an offensive force than ever.

He will only get better with time, and now with a big armed QB like Stafford I expect him to evolve rather fast. The Lions will be a better team for making this move, guaranteed. There is potential for Megatron and Tate to combine for 20 TDs. Tate will really prosper in that pass heavy offense that chucks the ball 40 times a game. Tate can play on the outside and in the slot, which makes him a legit threat, as well as his elusive punt return ability where he picked up 11.5 YDs per return.

Think of how much this could possibly help Megatron as well even, Tate running everything across the middle, Johnson taking the tops off defenses, safeties following him all over the field, will get Tate even that many more looks. Detroit made themselves a great move with this, and anyone who thinks this is a bad move does not how good Golden Tate has the potential to be.

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