Johnny Manziel is the quarterback that’s ready for the NFL

2012 Heisman Trophy Presentation

Johnny Manziel is coming off of one of the most intriguing seasons in college history. With 4114 yards passing, 37 TD passes, rushing the ball for 759 yards and 9 scores as well. for a whopping total of 46 TDs this season for Texas A&M. His numbers at Texas A&M place him in the WOW category as far as collegiate athletes go. Winning the Heisman trophy in 2012 after a phenomenal freshman season, where he took everyone by storm. Finalizing his career at Texas A&M with 7820 YDs, 63 TDs to 22 INTs, and of course the 30 more rushing TDs. And a 69% completion passer as well.

He played excellent against some of the best competition as well. Putting up numbers that most other QBs would love to have had half the success against. His game vs Auburn when he was spectacular, putting up 454 in the air, and 5 total TDs in a heart-breaker, where his defense let him down again. Manziel put up astounding numbers against top SEC competition, where as most struggled vs the best conference in college football.

He can be abrasive and hard to deal with at times, with an arrogance, that many feel almost intolerable. And i understand the aggravation and frustration with it, no one likes the big mouth kid coming in, who hasn’t done anything at the pro level yet, talking like he is going to set the league on fire.

But is he?

Some can also say he carries with himself a load of confidence. maybe more than deserved at this super early stages of his “what is to be a career” but ask yourself another question. Do you want a guy coming in not feeling that he is the man to lead your team? Do you want him unsure if he can handle the NFL? Honestly, I want a guy who says, “jump on my back boys, I’m going to get us there.”

Manziel seems to already have a chip on his shoulders, wanting to make teams pay if they pass on him. Good. make GMs and teams question once, twice, even five or six times, what they are going to do. Are they making a huge mistake if they don’t take the kid. Or are they saving their franchise by not?

Manziel recently stated, that he wants to be the first rookie to win super bowl. Marvelous. Come in letting your future team know, you are not here for ticket sales, you’re not here for hoopla. You are here in the NFL to win a championship. That’s what a fan wants to hear.

I think he has superior footwork in the pocket, with his scrambling and zipping and dodging wold be tacklers and all angles. Some believe he doesn’t quite have the arm strength in the pocket to make all the throws around the field needed of an NFL quarterback. I think his arm is good enough to make it in the NFL.

He has a “never count me out” attribute about him, where it’s simple to dislike him, but also leaves you shaking your head in either amazement, or because what he just did against your team.

Expectations are going to come in relatively shaky for Manziel. In particular with him flying off his mouth letting teams know he is more than ready for the NFL game. What he will do is anybody’s guess. I personally anticipate good things, if not great. Manziel has the talent, the tools, the intangibles, and the uncanny “it” factor. Where in the back of your mind, you cant help but always think a team is still in it when he is out there on the field.

He most certainly can be the solution for a team. I think the best spot for him to land would be in Houston. With the Texans running the offense, the way they do, Manziel could stand out in that atmosphere. he would play 6 games vs his division opponents, who were not very good overall against the pass, so he would get some time to evolve even a little more. And he would sell crazy tickets, coming from a Texas school, and with his ability to create big plays out of nothing, having a good defense and Andre Johnson and future breakout star, DeAndre Hopkins to chuck the ball to doesn’t hurt. Oh yea, and then they also have a 1500 YD rusher, Arian Foster. He is easily the most awaited quarterback to enter the NFL in this years draft class.

It’s not whether Manziel is ready for the NFL. It’s is the NFL ready for Manziel? Houston will regret it, if they don’t take him and its not looking like they will.

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