Top 10 NFL Coaches of all time


It can be argued continually the decisions that are made on NFL head coaches and who should or shouldn’t be on the elite list of generals. Today we will go over a very individual list of VTDs top 10 NFL head coaches.

We will take an in-depth look at the top 10 greatest in NFL history in my opinion. Taking various things into affect, including wins, strategies, what they did for the game, and of course, success.

Let’s take a look at the list of men who led their teams in battle week after week, the general of their army.

10- Marv Levy; All time Wins 143 Playoff wins 11

Superbowl wins 0

Growing up I always saw him as the “old man on the sidelines.” Always screaming, but little did I comprehend he was one of the best. He brought the Buffalo Bills to 4 straight Super bowls, which is unheard of. He at all times kept teams moving with his no huddle offensive style. The winningest coach in Bills history.

9- Jimmy Johnson; All time Wins 80 Playoff wins 9

Superbowl wins 2

With his helmet like hair he changed the game for generations. Although his coaching periods were not nearly as long as some of the others, he made magic happen. Known generally for his years with the Cowboys, he quickly turned the ‘Boys around from 1-15, to instantaneous contenders, and his self-assurance and smarts with building a team, 1 of only 6 men to coach consecutive Superbowl winners.

8- Mike Shanahan; All time Wins 167 Playoff wins 8

Superbowl wins 2

Not one of the most pleasing men on the league, but what he has done has been great, also leading his team to consecutive Superbowl championships. The Broncos, between 1996-1998, went 39-9 in that 3 year span. Always known for getting a monster running game from his backs, he always made it come to pass.

7- Bill Walsh; All time Wins 92 Playoff wins 10

Superbowl wins 3

The trendsetter of the West Coast offense, he changed football eternally. A style that almost every team has played at one time or another, or is playing. Bill Walsh won 6 division titles, 3 NFC championships. 2 time NFL coach of the year. He brought the Niners to championship team in just 2 seasons.

6- Tom Landry; All time Wins 250 Playoff wins 20

Superbowl wins 2

Before my time, his legend, his hat and his numbers speak for themselves. Period. Firstly, the fact that he coached one team for 29 seasons is amazing. And even more 20 consecutive winning seasons, think about that for a bit. 13 divisional titles and his 270 total wins are 3rd most all time.

5- Bill Parcells; All time Wins 172 Playoff wins 11

Superbowl wins 2

The big tuna, another character I was never liked much but knew how to put things together for a team. Getting 2 different teams to the Superbowl in his career, he made the Giants relevant, after numerous shabby seasons, he only had 2 losing season there. Made the Pats significant after almost a decade, when at the Cowboys, he turned them around, 1st Head Coach to lead 4 singular teams to the playoffs.

4- Bill Belichek; All time Wins 187 Playoff wins 18

Superbowl wins 3

With his curmudgeonly disgruntled style he has been to the playoffs 10 times with the Patriots. He has a mind-boggling winning percentage with the Pats at .726. He truly is a mastermind who knows how to get the job done.

3- Don Shula; All time Wins 328 Playoff wins 19

Superbowl wins 2

Legendary coach has been extremely successful in his iconic career. For 26 seasons, where he won 10+ games with Miami 16 times, and of course his celebrated 1972 team that went 14-0 and is still the standard for perfection, that teams wordlessly would all love to accomplish.

2- Joe Gibbs; All time Wins 154 Playoff wins 17

Superbowl wins 3

Joe Gibbs made the Washington Redskins a dominant force for many many seasons. He coached them for 12 seasons, getting to the playoffs 8 times, 4 NFC championship games. Pounding the ball was his style with an intense offense, getting the best of his players; he in no way won a Superbowl with a statistical beast QB at the helm.

1- Chuck Noll; All time Wins 193 Playoff wins 16

Superbowl wins 4

Coached the Pittsburgh Steeler from 1969 – 1991, and had an incredible run there. Chuck Noll without a doubt is an extremely smart man, who established his team off of fundamentals. He always had vitally sound teams, and pressed it strong for potential generations of coaches.

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