Tattoo Jinx: Seattle Is Not Winning The Super Bowl


If you are looking on betting on the NFC Championship game this might make it easier: The Seattle Seahawks have been jinxed by this man by getting a tattoo boasting about their Super Bowl 2014 victory before the season even began.

You just can’t do that bro. Tim Connors, of Edmonds, Washington, got the Seahawks logo and ‘XLVIII Champs’ inked on his arm months ago.‘I’m not crazy, I’m not crazy at all. I’m confident, I’m 100 percent confident in every single player on that team,’ Connors told ABC. The Seahawks take on the 49ers in an exciting match-up on Sunday night, and if they get through that play-off game either New England or Denver await in the Super Bowl on February 2. –

He pretty much mushed their chances in winning the big game.  See more at:

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