Do you think Jamaal Charles should be included in the MVP conversation?

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs

With all the great things happening this 2013 season, with some amazing numbers being thrown around, Peyton Mannings ridiculous start to the season, of course comes immediately to mind and was easily and by far the early heavy favorite as the NFL MVP this season. But since week 8, Manning actually has been somewhat earthly in those games.

Tom Brady, of course, as seemingly always is in the conversation, leading a team full of parking lot attendants to a top notch sided record, his numbers have been down for brady-standards, with only an 88.0 QB rating. But still when it comes to leadership, is there anyone else, seriously that you would trust more leading your team down the field, with 2 minutes left, trailing by 6? I would take Brady over anyone else. With 37 game winning drives in his career, yea, I’ll take those odds in my favor.

I know there is a lot of love out there as well for Cam Newton, and his breakout season as a leader on the field, his maturity is still questioned, as far as I’m concerned. And his numbers aren’t what other top end QBs are doing, and still several issues with his passing consistency.

Don’t get me wrong, there are defensive players who should be considered as well for MVP, but looking at the numbers, the last defensive player to win an MVP award was Lawrence Taylor back in 1986. Certainly a little while ago. And also as history has shown us previously, since 1982, 22 times it has been a QB, 9 a RB, and oddly enough, never a WR, so we know whats the most likely scenario. A QB in all probability will win it, but the RBs have made some real serious objections, with 3 winners in the last 8 years.

With reigning MVP Adrian Peterson, while having a very good season by normal RB standards, is not having an MVP season, and an unusual down year for AP. What other RB options are there? Let’s bring it back around to my underrated RB Jamaal Charles.

Charles has been fantastic in 2013. with 1162 YDs rushing, and 10 rushing TDs this season. His Kansas City Chiefs have been taking the NFL by storm. Granted, new head Coach, Andy Reid, has a lot to do with the teams change, but one thing has remained, Jamaal Charles has been a great Chief for the last 6 seasons. And sure enough, Andy Reid has used Charles, almost indistinguishable as he used Brian Westbrook when he was in Philadelphia. But Charles is so much more dangerous, toss out the screen pass, and let him go. He’s on pace for almost 2000 total yards in 2013, which would be phenomenal.

Especially with the fact that the Chiefs use the running game to set up their offense, puts that much more pressure on him to keep the chains moving, with game manager, Alex Smith at QB.

So, like other star RBs in the league, containing Charles is always a top priority. Yet is still getting it done, being held to no less than 55 YDs rushing in a game this season.

Charles has gone over 1,000 rushing yards for the 4th time in his Chiefs career. A Kansas City record, he has been everything and more for the franchise. Ranking currently 3rd all time for the Chiefs. And this all coming as well from a guy who missed basically all of 2011, with his ACL injury.

The 26 year old has also been in the top 5 in the NFL this season for receptions by a running back. He has led the Chiefs to a 9 game winning streak in the NFL this season, by pounding the rock with his blinding speed and straight rocket running through the holes burst. When he breaks off a run, once he hits the open field, he can take it to the house on anyone.

So, yes, do I think Charles should be considered for the NFL MVP? Without question, his season has been amazing, and what he brings to the team is something that is special. If he wasn’t there doing what he does, I honestly don’t see the the Chiefs being anywhere near the top of the heap, as they are now.

Written by TonyK of

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