What Eddie Lacy brings to the Packers

What does Eddie Lacy do to help the Packers heading into 2013 season? He will most certainly improve their offense in numerous fashions.

The Pack have had more than their share of woeful running seasons recently. In 2012 the Packers scored 27 ppg, went 11-5 and were an absolute wreck running the rock.

They ran the ball 433 times on the season, 16th in the league last year, scored only 9 rushing TDs (25th in the league), and 2 which were by Rodgers, an insignificant and miserable 3.9 YPC. Their leading rusher was 24 year old Alex Green who carried the ball for only 464 yds and a diminutive 3.4 YPC, with, naturally, 0 TDs. Whom also never broke 70 YDs in a game. Not to knock on Mr Green, but let’s put it as one, he’s certainly not the back the Pack are looking for. He also barely carried the ball, 20+ in a game, only 3 times last season.

In steps Eddie Lacy, out of the SEC and Alabama. A power back, at 235 lbs of might, his last season in Bama was outstanding, pounding the ball for 1322 yds, a tremendous 6.5 avg. and 17 TDs.

His coming in Wisconsin will largely improve Rodgers obviously as well. Defenses cannot just keep firing away their front 7 to rush Rodgers every play now. This will keep defense much more sincere. Currently and for the last several seasons Rodgers has not had a back to hit out of the backfield either, don’t get me wrong Lacy isn’t a chief dual threat back like the Forte’s and the Darren Sproles of the league. But with Green catching only 18 out of the backfield last year, for a paltry 10 ypg, I think this will also get better.

When the Pack won the superbowl, in 2010, they still didn’t have a monster back carrying them. They were led by modest Brandon Jackson and his 703 yds, scoring only 3 TDs, and an even worse 3.7 avg, but he did have 43 receptions, he was good out of the backfield. But I think Lacy has the ability to be a 40+ catch back, and be productive.

Lacy is not a characteristic receiving back, but, as stated, he is a punisher. He is a brute who can gradually break down a defense throughout the game. But the Pack need to stay patient with the running attack, and will they be able to, because as long as they do, this will help them as a whole. The key to me is going to be a tandem of the defense having to manage Lacy, and then being forced to deal with Jermichael Finley. Lacy will be plugging along and I expect a big workload for him in 2013 for the Pack. He can haul the pile forward and get the grimy yards that most back aren’t fond of. He’s hard to bring down, as a solid mass.

The only flaw I have with Lacy, is he can be inclined to be hit or miss, when on, he’s amazing and can demolish teams. But in the same way, when off, he can get bottled. He has had those games where he has disappeared. At any rate, he is still better than what they have now to work with now.

He has a nose for the endzone, in ‘Bama, 9 of the 14 games he scored, including 5 games with 2+ TDs. He’s a lot to deal with on the field. If they can get this whole thing clicking, the Pack will make a serious run at a Superbowl in 2013.

Regardless, it looks like Rodgers won’t have to be in the shotgun on 3rd and 1 any longer. It appears the Pack may have found their man; we can call him “The Big Cheese.”

Written by TonyK of VegasTopDogs.com

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