Best NFL Matchups this Week

The NFL season is moving into October, which means September’s rough edges are supposed to begin to fall away… but will they? Teams have a lot to prove across the board.

New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears

This is a matchup in the sportsbook that will be particularly fascinating because the Saints’ defense is radically improved compared to last season, while Chicago’s offense is so volatile. New Orleans is a much better team because its defense – which was a mess in 2012 – has been patched up and repaired this season. New Orleans is not hemorrhaging in its back line of defense, dramatically transforming the way the team is able to adjust on a number of levels. The Saints don’t have to throw the ball as much or take as many chances on offense. Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler is the kind of quarterback who can be brilliant or awful on any day. How New Orleans’ defense fares against Chicago’s offense will likely decide this game.

New England Patriots @ Cincinnati Bengals

This is a game in which New England has to be seen as the clear favorite. The key matchup will be between the Patriots’ defense and the Bengals’ offense. New England will be missing run-stuffing defensive tackle Vince Wilfork, while Cincinnati and erratic quarterback Andy Dalton will try to recover from an abysmal outing against the Cleveland Browns. The Bengals are so unreliable at this point in time, but Cincinnati has the talent and speed to score big against the New England defense. This game is a PICK on the NFL betting odds.

Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins

This is a very intriguing confrontation between the Dolphins’ offense and the Ravens’ defense. Baltimore’s offense is struggling, but its defense has still performed well in 2013. Will young Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill be able to avoid committing turnovers against the Ravens? The answer to that question will probably decide the outcome in South Florida.

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