Does Cowboys QB Tony Romo merit his big-time payday he recently received

Firstly, Tony Romo takes an awful lot of blame for a QB who has always put up fantastic numbers every season. It all comes down to the post season for Tony Romo, which is why so many people have such a problem with his big payday. People love to bash on him constantly because he has shown up small in some post season games.

Think about how many teams would easily; have paid that kind of money to have Romo on their team as their starting QB. Everyone wants to have Brady, Manning, Rodgers or a Brees on their team, of course. And it seems impossible that if you don’t have one of these guys as your QB, that your not worth the money.

Tony Romo’s numbers have been better than most of the other QBs in the NFL over the last 3 full seasons. He has more passing yards than Matt Ryan, more TD passes than Ben Roethlisberger, and a better completion pct than Tom Brady in that same time frame. His post season record has not been good, which I completely understand, is a huge issue, especially when it comes to a QB, your team leader. And his post season numbers have been reserved as well, with a 1-3 record, and a 59% completion rate, and only 2 games throwing for 200 YDs or more.

But way too much of this teams breakdowns get dumped on his lap, as if the entire team doesn’t have other problems as well. He is one of their individual true bright spots on the offensive side of the ball.

If you told someone they could have a QB who passed for 4200 yards, 28 TDs, and completed 65% of his passes, and oh yeah, by the way, will only throw 13 picks on the season for you, and will likely have 5 or more 300+ yard passing games, I guarantee they would say, sure thing. I would go as far as saying 90% of people would say, I would take that QB on my team. But then when you add the name Romo to it, people would then say no.

How about the fact of the poor O-line that is intended to protect him, and how often Romo is forced to run around and establish something from nothing. Give him a line where he can stand back there untouched for 3 seconds, and not be forced to run for his life, firing downfield, bet we see even better numbers. The Cowboys have had a lack of a running game, who was the last healthy genuine RB who could carry the ball 280 times/season, get them a 4.2 avg, and score 10+ TDs on a reliable basis? He has finally just recently gotten a handful of receivers; Miles Austin is solid, Dez Bryant, absolute pure talent, but a head case, and Jason Witten. How about the players Romo has made relevant, like Kevin Ogletree, and 4 TDs in 2012, and Laurent Robinson in 2011, with his career high 11 TDs?

Do I think Romo is worth 100 million bucks? Without question, certainly. Is the 55 million guaranteed a bit much? Yes, I do agree with that as well. Particularly for a guy who does only have 1 post season win for the team. But, what else would Dallas want for their QB, besides the aforementioned elite 4? Name a QB that a Dallas Cowboy fan would rather? Philip Rivers, or Matthew Stafford, seriously?

Romo has won 55 career games for your team, it’s time to stop on the Romo hate. I don’t understand the sense behind Cowboys fans and their aversion over the guy. Is it a spoiled view? Romo is a better QB than the Aikman’s and the Danny White’s.

Is it the championships they won in the 90’s? When they had Troy Aikman, who, by the way, had one of the most ridiculous O-lines in the league, an 18,000 yard rusher in Emmitt Smith, and HoF’er, Michael Irvin as his WR1. Put Emmitt on the Cowboys today; watch the destruction the Cowboys do. If Romo had that O-line, Cowboys fans would suddenly be praising him, and not banging on him. It’s always simple to jump on a QB for being the reason for team’s losses. Sometimes it is, but sometimes it’s way more than the QB.

Written by Tony Karpinski of

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