Ranking the New NFL Coaches

We have 8 NFL Head Coaches debuting with a new team
this upcoming season. Here are my rankings along with a comment or two. Expect
all of these teams to play extremely well in there very first NFL Home Preseason
game. No. 8 Gus Bradley (Jacksonville Jags) He led the Seattle Seahawks to the
top Defensive unit in points allowed last season. The Jags defense has always
been fair to good.

It’s the offense that needs to take a major step up or this
team has no chance. No. 7 Mike McCoy (San Diego Chargers) He is known for being
an offensive genius, something Norv Turner struggled with at times coaching the
Chargers. I think San Diego will have a nice bounce back season with Philip
Rivers leading the way. No. 6 Rob Chudzinski (Cleveland Browns) Rob was the
offensive coordinator for the Browns in 2007. The team went 10-6 in the regular
season missing the playoffs by one win. Derek Anderson threw a career high 29
touchdowns in 2007, so there might be some hope for Brandon Weeden, Jason
Campbell, and Brian Hoyer. No. 5 Doug Marrone (Buffalo Bills) You might remember
when Doug was the offensive coordinator for the Saints from 2006-08. His offense
finished ranked 1st, 4th, and 4th in those three years. The Bills are going to
score a lot of points this season. You might see a lot of 50+ totals in all
Bills games this season. No. 4 Marc Trestman (Chicago Bears) Marc brings in a
ton of an NFL experience mostly in 90s. Expect his team to be much improved in
penalties committed and look for his offense to throw the ball a lot. No. 2 Chip
Kelly (Philadelphia Eagles) I love the way this guy coaches. Saw a lot of him at
Oregon. Chip Kelly just gets it and I think he will be very successful in
Philadelphia. The Eagles are going to be better on both sides of the ball this
season. Look for Michael Vick to have a much-improved 2013-14 than what he
showed last season. No. 1 Andy Reid (Kansas City Chiefs) Andy has 5 NFC
Championship Game apprences and is a class act on and off the football field.
The Chiefs will be much improved accross the board thanks to a new regime who
excels in game planning and game management. Jeff’s Early Bird Football packages
are now available at this website. Good Luck this Football Season!

Written by Jeff Hochman

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