Who are the NBA top contenders for the championship this season

There have been a lot of terrific moments of this season; it has given us a number of teams that have played excellently, some surprise up and comers to watch for, teams that have, with pleasure, outplayed their forecast. There has been some impressive basketball.

The most intriguing storyline to me, of course is the Miami Heat making an attempt to repeat. Let’s see if LeBron can lead his team to an immense significant milestone. Especially with their awesome winning streak, where they looked utterly dominant. Without much competition, their big 3 commanding them along the way like warriors.

This is it, the best time of the year for the NBA. We know for a fact there will be some big explosive eruptions along the way, some will leave us mesmerized and cheering, and some could be from a guy who comes off the bench one night and plays his heart out on the court.

So after looking over numbers and putting a lot of deliberation into the teams, I have thought things over, and I have come up with my top 5 teams in the NBA, who have the maximum odds to win it all this season. The NBA is set up for typically the better teams win their series, and I expect the same again this year.

So let us commence now.

5- San Antonio Spurs (Record 58-24) PPG: 103.0 OPPG: 96.6 FG% 48.1 3PFG% 37.6. Reason why to watch them; The Spurs are the veteran team on the block, who always are underestimated, coming into the season, let alone the playoffs. They are a smart team that takes smart shoots. They also play a high level and are an excellent offensive team. But, with this, also come old legs, and the mounting injuries, which could be a setback.

4- Los Angeles Clippers (Record 56-26) PPG: 101.1 OPPG: 94.6 FG% 47.8 3PFG% 35.8. Reason why to watch them; they are a strong team that holds opponents to bad shots, making very tough defenders. Also an extremely versatile team with lots of scoring options, a stout inside game with a lot of athleticism. But they don’t seem to have that dominant scorer who can take over the game when needed. Blake Griffin is their main man, but still waiting for him to take his game to the next level.

3- New York Knicks (Record 54-28) PPG: 100.0, OPPG: 95.7 FG% 44.8 – 3PFG% 37.6. Reason why to watch them; Much depends on Carmelo Anthony, with this team. He is the heart and the soul to their success. He is absolutely capable of carrying them on his back; he has done it all season long. They have been playing great ball since the end of February on the season, making a commanding statement to anyone who thinks this team can’t make any noise. To me, the biggest concern for me is the lack of numerous good shooters.

2- Oklahoma City Thunder (Record 60-22) PPG: 105.7 OPPG: 96.5 FG% 48.1 3PFG% 37.7. Reason why to watch them; This is an explosive team that wins big, capable of blowouts in a hurry. They are a brilliant defensive team, defending inside the paint and outside. They have tremendous rebounding skill, behind Durant and Ibaka in particular. Biggest concern is Russell Westbrook needs to play PG, consent to Kevin Durant be their 1st scoring option. When Westbrook shoots more than 25 times, the Thunder are very beatable team, contradictory, they are 12-4 when he has 10+ assists in a game. Durant needs to keep control of his team.

1- Miami Heat (Record 66-16) PPG: 102.9 OPPG: 95.0 FG% 49.6 3PFG% 39.6. Reason why to watch them; simply put, they have the big 3. They are filled with out-and-out talent; it’s very hard to bet against them. They are loaded with more skill than anyone else; their 2nd unit team could possibly win 40 games. They are a great shooting team, able to knock it down from all over the court. Their biggest problem is their poor rebounding, which could be a problem vs big rebounding threats, which is why their shooting skill must remain tops.

So there you have it, my top 5 best rational teams to win it all in this year’s NBA playoffs. So take it in, agree or disagree, one of these teams will be the NBA champs.

Make your selection count.

Written by TonyK of VegasTopDogs.com

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