Are the Miami Hurricanes really as good as the rankings show them?

The Miami Hurricanes have had a spectacular season, which not a lot of fans of college hoops were expecting this year. After finishing last year with a 20-13 record, and a 9-7 conference record, there didn’t appear to be a lot to be all that excited about. But this season has been a wild and exciting surprise for ‘Canes fans, they have a team that moves up and down the court quick and up tempo, and doesn’t seem to slow down for anybody.

The one big question mark on the Hurricanes is the fact that they haven’t beaten too many strong opponents so far. Questions surround the team from Florida. They have beaten teams like LaSalle and Stetson, neither who are considered tough teams, but they also have huge wins against teams like Duke, NC State, and underrated Michigan State on the year. Of course, a win is a win. As of 2/23/2013, the ‘Canes were 22-4 and ranked at the time, #2 in the country in the nations AP top 25 poll rankings. Still sitting at top of the ACC with a 22-4 record, and is nevertheless 13-1 in the conference. With a conference that has had a fairly down year, with Duke being their only authentic competitor in the conference with them.

Led with a balanced attack between their 3 main guys, guard Durand Scott, guard Shane Larkin and big man Kenny Kadji, all who can jointly burn your team for 13-15 each, and before you know it, they alone could have 50-55 between them.

Kadji who is also one of their best rebounders as well, he can be a mass to handle for any opposing team on the court. Especially because he can play defense so well and puts the ball in the hoop on a regular basis. But in general, the veteran senior loaded squad has a lower scoring team, averaging only 69/game. But they are based on their stifling defense, which only gives up 58 points/game. Including 15 games where they gave up 60 or less, pretty impressive at any stage of evaluating.

Teams that I believe have been pushed aside during this Miami Hurricanes storyline have been Michigan State, Michigan, and even Syracuse, if you’re looking at straight competition played. Between those teams, they have beaten tremendous teams like Ohio State, Kansas, Louisville and Wisconsin.

The ‘Canes recently lost to a team that no one fears, the 12-14, Wake Forest Demon Deacons. Now of course, it was a giant upset, team wise, but their defense let it down big time and let the Deacons hang 80 on them, who were coming in only scoring 67 a game, and shooting a miserable 43%, light them up. Not to discredit anything the ‘Canes have accomplished this year, but with the streak now behind us, and March Madness staring us in the eye like a leopard. Written by Mike Anthony of

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