Has Rajon Rondo proved his worth in Boston

The All-Star point guard has been sidelined with a torn ACL. What does this mean for Celtics fans and the team this season? The aggressive point guard is done for the rest of the 2013 season, which means catastrophe in Beantown.

When Rondo was 1st getting his wings beneath him, back in 2006, he happened to be in the floundering early stages of the BIG 3 faction. He was the point guard, “in the right place, at the right time” is how many considered about the Kentucky native. When he was drafted out of Kentucky, he was seen as a decent passer and a good rebounding guard. Then he stepped in and quickly had a chance to play with future Hall of Famers on the court, in the iconic basketball city of Boston.

Not a bad way to start your career. Many folks questioned if Rondo was really that good, or if he simply excelled playing with the legends around him. Of course, I think it was a combination of both…early in his career.

Learning the game at a skilled level from top professionals, and winning the championship in 2007, his 2nd season in the NBA certainly once more, is a pretty fine way to begin your NBA career. As a rook, Rondo put up humble numbers, with 6 pts, 4 rbs, and 4 asts.

Now, 6 years later, he is without a doubt confirmed he is the leader of team. The Celtics go how Rondo goes, easily the top playmakers on the team. Rajon, with his basketball ability is a triple double threat everytime he steps on the court. At only 6-1, averaging 6 RPG, putting him 1st on the list of rebounding PGs in the NBA. He was often disregarded as “the other guy” playing with KG and Pierce. He is the link that holds it together. With his defense, his scorching speed and his great control of the games pace is immeasurable.

The Boston Celtics need someone to keep their declining offense moving, time has caught up with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, who just cannot lead the team like they could have even 5-6 years ago.

Which leaves the burning question, who will step it up now in Boston at the 1 spot? Guys are going to have to play dissimilar roles; in my opinion, I think Leandro Barbosa should get 35 minutes a game. Although not the blazing speed demon he used to be, he still can move the ball and can score well too. And he will keep defenses honest with his deep ball.

The season looks to be in danger right now, for Boston. Certainly losing #9 hurts awfully. For any chance of success they will need to come collectively as an organization and play differently. Possibly concentrating more on a reduced middle game, or slowing the tempo down even more, get some play from Brandon Bass, who is capable of getting things done, when he gets good playing time.

Currently, sitting in the bottom region of the playoff hunt, they could with no trouble slip out of the race. But if the Celtics do in fact make the playoffs, without Rondo, that alone would be an achievement. With Garnett and Pierce aging away, no proper center in the middle, Rondo gone for the season, it looks to be a tough road at the forefront. It appears that the semi-successful run in Beantown is beginning to wrap up.

Written by Mike Anthony of VegasTopDogs.com

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