Teams in serious need for a QB upgrade in 2013

Arizona Cardinals; do we need to seriously even open this can of worms that sits in Arizona as we speak? Between Kolb and Skelton, they have a total combined completion percentage of 56%. Kolb who was signed as the “Golden Child” in 2011 has nowhere near lived up to the prospective and hope he was brought in under. Which I always felt was a lot to put on a guy who going in only had career 11 TD passes and 7 starts. Sitting at the bottom end in the NFL for passing YPG, and as a team, only scoring a miserable 16 ppg, they need somebody to move this ball in the air. With Fitzgerald as still the leagues best WR in my opinion, still likely has another 5-6 years of productivity left, use it. And with Andre Roberts coming on, they have some players to throw to. The Cardinals have last drafted a 1st round QB in Matt Lienart, which turned out as a huge bust. 1981 was the last draft they hit it with a good sturdy QB with Neil Lomax, it’s time Arizona.

Kansas City Chiefs; another situation that has not worked out with the addition of Matt Cassel, and then bringing in Brady Quinn as a backup, where neither has really held up their end of the bargain thus far. Cassel was very good in 2010, but since then he has been injury prone and nowhere near the same. Another team with terrible offensive problems, only scoring 15 ppg this season. With Dwayne Bowe to catch the ball (occasionally) and Jon Baldwin on the other side, they have some guys who can move the ball downfield. And of course with Jamaal Charles in the backfield, with a reasonable passing threat he would even be more dynamic. The Chiefs haven’t had much luck drafting a QB early in drafts ever, step it up.

New York Jets; Mark Sanchez, 55%, and 198 YPG, this season, thus far, 67 TDs and 61 ints in his modest career to date. They brought in Tim Tebow, another inaccurate passer for an attention grabber seemingly this season. Where is their passing game coming from? Another low ended offensive team, with major issues leading the team, Sanchez is certainly not the answer in New York, maybe someone should notify bull headed Rex Ryan, oh that’s right; he most likely won’t be there next year. Granted there is not a lot of receiving alternatives in New York, although injuries hit, Santonio Holmes and Jeremy Kerley are both competent, to me, to be possible 900-1000 YD receivers each. They drafted Sanchez, 5th overall in the 2009 draft. It’s time to move on, this Sanchez experiment didn’t work.

Philadelphia Eagles; where to conceivably begin with this mess, Vick or Nick Foles? Vick, who has completely reverted back to the same run around and chuck it QB that he was moderately successful, at best, in Atlanta, has returned; only average, yet again, since his tremendous MVP quality 2010 season. Another team that struggles horribly scoring the ball, with only 16/ppg, and with the offensive weaponry around the QB, it’s a shame. DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and even Brent Celek can all contribute exceptionally catching the ball. Then of course, there is LeSean McCoy, who still doesn’t get the touches he should be getting on offense. This team, as always, has the potential to be an 11-12 win team. The O line was beat up and broken this season; I’ll even let that go as a terrible stroke of luck for the team. But Vick, at 32, isn’t getting any younger, and is constantly hurt, get a stand up right guy who can pass the ball. Their draft history with QBs has been ok; let’s see if they can make something happen this upcoming draft.

Written by John THE HOOK Fisher of

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