Sports Year in Review

The 2012 season has been once more, exciting. This year, in 2012, we have seen some amazing comebacks from some of our fan favorites resurrected from the ashes like a Phoenix to be playing at top notch level once again. Peyton Manning was released by the Indianapolis Colts, after a 14 year career, and signed with the Denver Broncos, after shopping himself around to numerous teams. Many were hesitant of his decision to play in Mile High, after 15 games and a 12-3 record, guess Peyton was right…again. And he has them on the edge of grabbing possible home field advantage in the playoffs. Adrian Peterson came back after only 11 months since ripping his MCL and his ACL, no body ever expected the dominant running back to bounce back and be the runner he once was.

They were right; he worked harder than ever, and apparently has come back even better, with 1898 YDs, a ridiculous 6.0/YPC average and 11 TDs, and is instantaneously in the MVP discussion, without question. Calvin Johnson, the WR for the Lions broke a 17 year record held by the one and only Jerry Rice, with 1892 YDs receiving this season. After 15 games, so far, looking to crack 2000, something that was never done in NFL history. All while grabbing 117 catches, and a tremendous 16.2 / YPC avg.

The rookie class of 2012 of QBs has come on strong, strong. With Andrew Luck being picked number 1 for the Colts, and leading them to a playoff spot, only months after finishing the season with only 2 measly wins is unbelievable. RG3, the charismatic QB for the Washington Redskins, has blown people away with his passing skills (67% completion, 20 TDs/ 5 Ints) and his running ability (752 YDs/ 6 TDs), then of course, there is the appealing story of Russell Wilson, the diminutive QB, who was stolen in the 3rd round, and is having a great season as well, throwing for 25 TDs (9th in the NFL) and leading the Seahawks to 10-5 record and looking to lead them deep into the playoffs.

The NHL is taking their turn going on strike this season, delaying the fans to enjoy watching Evgeni Malkin, Steven Stamkos, Cory Schneider, and Claude Giroux, get on the ice. Nothing seems to be on the doorstep of any hope of getting cleared anytime soon. After Los Angeles defeated New Jersey, 4-2, we may never know, if they can defend their Cup. LeBron finally got his ring, in a 5 game series vs the OK Thunder. This season, they both look primed and ready to make a run for it again.

The 2012 summer Olympics, USA ended up with 104 medals, 46 gold, led behind stellar performances of Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin, and the girl’s gymnastics team. We saw Dwight Howard command his way out of Orlando, and continue to follow in Shaq’s giant footsteps, but so far has been a washout in his arrival there, to the team that was on paper, supposed to be a potential 65 win team, is playing .480 ball. We watched as Manny Pacquiao got KO’ed by Juan Manuel Marquez in a fight that many thought would be the final meeting between the 2, before Manny could fight Mayweather, sadly the fight has lost its luster, and may not ever happen after the squat right that dropped Pacquiao.

The Mike Vick testing seems to have ended after 4 seasons of nothing great, and a disappointing 18-15 record. Tim Tebow was brought into in NY, still without any authentic reason as to why, as he played about 25 snaps on the season, and threw just 8 passes, even being put on the field as a punt blocker.

Notre Dame went 12-0 and is heading to the BCS championship game vs 12-1 SEC monster, Alabama Crimson Tide. The SF Giants won the MLB World Series, against the Detroit Tigers in a 4 game sweep. Led by Pablo Sandoval, who batted .500, with 3 HRs and an OBS of 1.654. Of course, on a downward reminder, PSU had some unspeakable findings that rocked the sports world, Joe Paterno passed away, the New Orleans Saints were jammed in a bounty scandal, then they weren’t, and now, no one is completely sure about what happened. 2013 will surely not let us down either!!

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