Which of these QBs has a better chance of leading their team to a Super Bowl victory?

Much comes with being a champion in the NFL, or any sport, really. But certain positions and objectives get placed pretty high on the “to do list” for athletes. For football, of course, as expected, it’s the Super Bowl, and as a quarterback, you want to be the man leading your team down the field to win the game. We all know the great names associated with being Super Bowl winning QBs, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Troy Aikman, and of course, Joe Montana, to name just a few. It’s an reputation above many things in the sports world, to be that guy.


Quarterback is one of the most celebrated positions in team sports, it’s a specialist position. If you win, the bulk of it goes on the QBs play, and of course, when the team loses, that also falls on the QBs shoulders.

Let’s take a look at some of the leading named guys playing QB in the NFL today, who haven’t won the big one…yet. Who either have the name, the arm, the future, or the team that can guide his squad to a win that many feel they should be able to do.

And some may not.

Tony Romo. The perpetual poster boy for “whoulda, shoulda, coulda.” The Cowboys have invested 9 seasons into the 32 year old with the slight gunslinger attitude, who at times shows amazing poise and at other times, leaves us shaking our heads in skepticism at the decision making process. With only 4 games in the playoffs under his belt, and a notorious 1-3 record, he has struggled with winning, but in those games, the ‘Boys scored an average of merely 19 points, and losing by 4. Where does the problem really lay?

Joe Flacco. 27 years old, and getting better every season. His confidence has gone up in the last several years. With Ray Rice behind him as a significant double threat out of the backfield, Flacco has a beastly RB to help open things up for his passing onslaught. With speed demon Torrey Smith (18.8/YPC) and Anquan Boldin 429 YDs/ season so far). But in 9 playoff games, he also has been exceptionally inconsistent in the games behind him already, most notably his 54% completion pct.

Matt Schaub. Matt Schaub, the big armed QB for the Houston Texans. At 31 years old, and barely 6 seasons behind him as a starting QB for his team, it feels like he’s been around for much longer than he has. Finally, he has a team that has the capabilities to do it. Again, potent and recent elevated star RB, Arian Foster, to take some of the pressure off it opens things up for him as well. His “leadership gene” lacks somewhat, never playing in the postseason yet, and with only 10 game winning drives behind him in 9 seasons.

Jay Cutler. The big armed, acerbic faced, argumentative QB of the Bears. Lets keep it real, folks, he is constantly the guy we know has the skills to throw for 30+ TDs in the precise situation, but with that comes the towering chance he will throw 20 picks as well. He has so much belief in his right arm; he takes chances that aren’t always the best. But with WR Brandon Marshall and RB Matt Forte firmly following him, he has a shot to lead his team.

With that being said, taking all into consideration, I feel that Joe Flacco, with his clutch knack and numerous weapons, has the best possibility at winning a Bowl, before the others. I want a QB who, when the chips are down, can lead his team downfield and put up 30-35 pts if the D isn’t holding up well. And the time is now; we will see how their futures run and where they could lead to.

Written by Sean Higgs of VegasTopDogs.com

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