How long before the trigger is pulled on Sanchez?

Has the time arrived that most of us kind of felt was going to happen the moment it occurred in New York. Not, will, but when will Tim Tebow become the starter for the Jets? Playing in New York, obviously everything is under a gigantic microscope and everything is looked at with detailed assessment and doubt of moves made good and bad. But, we all knew it would happen sooner or later.

Rex Ryan standing strongly behind his man, Mark Sanchez is great, but is it rational? It’s great to feel appreciated and supported, especially by the guy deciding if you are his starting QB for his team, or not. But at what point to do rethink the game plan that was at first put together?

Is Sanchez on borrowed time? The moment they signed Tebow to the Jets, it, of course was a huge transaction, because Sanchez has certainly not been the most consistent QB in the league for sure. But putting Tebow on your team is going to garner attention, whether you like it or not. And eventually when 50,000 fans start chanting “Te-bow, Te-bow”, will Ryan be able to cope with the pressure from the city?

Obviously Tebow has always been under the weight of doubts from pretty much everyone for everything. Most notably, of course is his passing, and his aptitude to read a defense. But absolutely no one could dispute his guts and his heart. He plays hard and he faithfully gives 110%, like all athletes ought to and are supposed to do. Sanchez on the season so far has been terrible, with a 49% completion rate, 5 TDs, 4 Ints, and worse yet, a measly 6.4 yards/attempt, compared to Tebow, and his career numbers of 47% completion, 17 TDs, and 9 picks.

Tebow did bring a Denver squad under his wing in 2011, which had mediocre WRs. Leading Denver to an 8-6 record as a starting QB, with 7 career game winning drives under his clutch belt. Then getting them to the playoffs, in a torrid push, and then even knocking out the heavily favored Steelers, 29-23. He did carry them, giving them his abnormal style at the QB position, half QB, half RB, neither perfected. He is in a position all his own.

When picked up by the Jets, what was their plan from the start? To keep Sanchez looking over his shoulder? A spooked QB who is always looking at his potential substitute can be a bad issue for a team. For the wildcat formation? Let him run the ball; make something happen to a quiet offense? So far in 2012, Tebow has done squat. Throwing 1 pass in total and ran the ball 9 times, 10 plays for him in 4 games (2.5 plays/game). What is the point of him being there at all?

Could Tebow improve the Jets? Maybe, maybe not. The Jets are scoring 20/game currently, ranking them 23rd in the league. With a horrible rushing game, they can’t move the ball in the air, on the ground. Seemingly a catastrophic season is in the works in New York. Could it get any worse by putting Tebow in? I don’t think so. It would basically be replacing an inaccurate QB who can’t scramble with another inaccurate QB who can, and more importantly, does have the “it” dynamic. He inspires teams with his courageous play. With Tony Sparano as the Offensive Coordinator, he knows how to run the wildcat, let Tebow run it, he would be ideal. Spread out the team, play a game style to fit his skills.

How long before the trigger is pulled? Midway through, when the Jets are looking at a potential 2-6 record, and a miracle for something to rally round? Or earlier, and hope to catch a little magic from Tim? Tebow would ignite the fans, the team, and maybe give them a spark on offense, that has been dull so far.

Written by Gregg Price of

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