Is Terrell Owens gonna play this season?

We all were witnesses. We all witnessed the mighty shredded abs of good ‘ol Terrell Owens. He had his open workout this week and zero NFL teams showed up to watch it. What does this say? Well, it could say numerous things. 1- No interest in him ever playing for their teams. 2- No rush for him, they will watch the same ab dominated videos we were all captivated to watch (as well as making most of us feel quite inferior with our own physiques, mind you) 3- Desperation hasn’t kicked in quite yet. Owens has, without question had a spectacular NFL career. 15934 yards, 153 TDs, 1078 career receptions, the stats go on and on.

His work ethic has never been questioned; he has always worked hard through the season and off season. One of his better attributes. But then there is always the “T.O. factor” of his destruction of teams over and over again every team he goes to. He goes to a team, and instantly there is drama filling the lockerooms. Now, last season, he was actually well behaved, playing for a base lower ended salary and filled with incentives, which works for him. He still produced in 14 games for the Bengals, 72 catches, 983 yards and 9 TDs; clearly he is still talented enough to produce. This is a guy who for 8 seasons has had 10 or more TD receptions out of his 15 seasons. As well as 1000 or more yards receiving in 9 of 15. I understand teams worry about the ACL, but it’s Terrell, there’s never been a question of his ability to recover from injuries. I still, even at 37 years old, feel that Owens can produce and help a team, if he could just keep the mouth shut. Again, pay him the minimum veteran salary, and fill it with bonuses for production.

In my opinion I always felt this was a great way of paying a lot of players, it would also save a ton of cash on busts and overrated guys. But that’s another story. Owens did get one offer, from the Chicago Rush. Yes an Arena Football team offered him a contract. Of course Owens’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus was quick to shut that notion down. Owens looked pretty good in the videos catching balls and running the agility drills, he looked quick footed and determined, but who would take a crack at him? What team could use his WR abilities? Who will eventually bring him in for an individual workout? I think there’s quite a few.

And here are my top teams I think will look at him further. Tennessee Titans; they lost Kenny Britt for the year, they are in contention, they have a veteran QB in Matt Hasselbeck, he could be a solid fit for them. The Chicago Bears; talk about a team with zero respectable WRs. Cutler would probably target him 15 times a game, which would make T.O. extremely happy, and they also are in the hunt for a playoff chase, they are coming off a season where they reached the NFC title game. And then there’s… The Oakland Raiders; why not? It seems everyone who is at the end of their careers end up in Oakland, at least for a bit of time. Difference is, this Raiders team has promise, and a familiar face in Carson Palmer, and they already have a connection. Wherever he ends up, and I do think he will be somewhere before the seasons over, someone will roll the dice, he can still play. Until he gets signed, I have to go hit some crunches, I feel guilty.

Written by Mike Anthony of

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