Possible SEC National Championship


The SEC Champion will more than likely be determined this weekend in Tuscaloosa when Alabama hosts LSU as a five point favorite. The Winner of this one should cruise to be SEC Champs, probably facing a Georgia Bulldog team in the SEC Championship who is yet to have an impressive win this year. The question becomes whether or not the NCAA and BCS will allow 2 teams from the same conference to play for the National Championship. Personally, that’s what I’m routing for and would love to see. Sorry Boise fans, but your pathetic schedule will hopefully cost you an invite to the National Championship. When your quality wins are Georgia and an 11 point home victory over Airforce, I’m sorry, your resume shouldn’t come close to even being allowed to apply for the National Championship. Take your Ticket to the Fiesta Bowl and shut up. LSU faced Oregon and went to West Virginia while Alabama went to Pennsylvania to take on Penn State. To schedule 2 Top 15 teams when you still have the gauntlet to run that is a season in the SEC, you got to give props to Les Miles and LSU. Oklahoma State could run the table but they still have a big one at home for in-state rival OU and Stanford still has games with Oregon, Notre Dame, and the first ever Pac-12 Championship game. Out of these 5 unbeatens who really sees any of them stacking up against LSU or Alabama. The Big XII has an atrocious record in Bowl Games to the SEC and I think Oklahoma State would get killed against either SEC team. Boise won by 14 to Georgia and if you think they’d put up a fight to LSU or Bama just keep dreaming. I know it’s not the norm to have two teams from the same conference meet for the National Championship, but in a year where nobody looks as impressive as the 2 powerhouse teams from the powerhouse conference, let those two duke it out for all the marbles. We’ve never had 2 teams from the same conference play for the Title, if there’s ever going to be a year for it, this is the year. The SEC has now won the last 5 National Championships, before we’re forced into a garbage Title game I think it needs to be considered to have a SEC matchup for the National Championship. If this weekends’ game is lopsided it probably doesn’t stand a chance, but if this game’s a wrestling match and determined with a last second field goal, I don’t know who wouldn’t want to watch it again in January.

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