Weekly NFL POWER B-L-I-T-Z; the noteworthy news of the NFL

Game of the week Jets (4-3) over Chargers (4-2), 27-21; Jets needed this win terribly, they have yet to find their stride in 2011, after making it to the AFC title game 2 years running, they have been very erratic so far. Trailing 21-10 at one point, then the defense picked it up, for the game, Philip Rivers didn’t play very well overall, against the J-E-T-S defense which picked it up in the 2nd half of the game, not allowing any points on the board for San Diego. Sanchez played very solid, going 18-33, for 173 yds, and 3 TDs.

Upset of the week Jaguars(2-5) over Ravens(4-2), 12-7; All the hype with the Ravens being measured as very promising SB contenders this season, was tore apart with a repugnant performance on Monday night. And Flacco’s horrible performance didn’t help matters by any means going 21-38 for 137 yards for a pitiful 3.6 yard/attempt. The Jags holding the Ravens to only 1 rushing 1st down, keeping Ray Rice in control for only 8 carries for 28 yards. A sloppy game anyway you look at it, from both teams, but the Jags were supposed to lay down on their bellies in this one, and the Ravens were caged instead.

NFL POW (PLAYER OF THE WEEK) DeMarco Murray (RB, Dallas Cowboys) 25 carries, 253 rushing yards, 1 TD. Rookie RB DeMarco Murray was relentless vs St. Louis. It didn’t matter which direction, ripping off big run after big run, blowing past Emmitt Smith, who ran for 237 yards and Tony Dorsett and his 206 yards in a game. He now holds the all time Cowboys franchise record for rushing yards in a game. Breaking records is a tremendous honor, especially for the Dallas Cowboys who have had their share of great players in their history. Honorable mentions; Arian Foster, 25 carries, 115 Yds 2 TDs and 5 catches for 119 Yds 1 TD, Cam Newton, 18-23, 256 Yds 1 TD and 10 rushes for 59 Yds and 1 TD (7 rushing TD in 2011 already), and Tony Gonzalez, 5 catches, 62 Yds, giving him 1,104 career catches trailing only the colossal WR Jerry Rice in NFL history.

NFL Stock watch; Stock rising; Carolina Panthers. Newton has been playing very well, beating the Redskins, after another great game from the exciting Cam Newton. The Panthers seriously are coming around. They move the ball affably, need some help stopping the run ranked 29th in 2011. But overall, watch this team, with 3 games coming up of very winnable games for them; they can win 5 on the year, which is much better than the 2 they won in 2010. Stock dropping; Tennessee Titans. Starting off 3-1, they looked solid. But with Chris Johnson forgetting how to run the ball (2.9/YPC) this is hurting them, I’m jumping off this bandwagon quick!

Hard-hitting matchups this week to watch for; Chargers (4-2) at Chiefs (3-3) (Division lead is at stake here, who would have thunk?) Cowboys (3-3) at Eagles (2-4) (With an Eagles win and a very potential Redskins loss, could be a 3 way tie at 3-4) Patriots (5-1) at Steelers (5-2) (Big boys going at it in Pittsburgh, Steelers defense vs Brady.) Vikings (1-6) at Panthers (2-5) (Rookie QBs battle it out. Ponder looked good in his debut, Cam is going to give Vikes fits on defense, young up and comers game.)

Written by Mike Anthony for VegasTopDogs.com

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