Have we seen the end of Randy Moss?

One of the major issues the troubled wide receiver apparently had was his desire. He never seemed to play with the fire and take 100% full advantage of his skills, he just “let it happen.” Moss that, if in reality, is retired, will end his career with remarkable numbers. His 153 touchdowns rank 2nd on the all time list, his 954 receptions, 8th, 5th in yards with 14,858 and even holding the all time season touchdown record that he pilfered away from the illustrious Jerry Rice, in 2007 when he scored 23 touchdowns, breaking Rice’s 20 years old record

But once more, he seemed to almost lose interest over time. As is what seems to happen with Randy at times. He gets lackadaisical on route running. He doesn’t always work as hard on the field, if he wasn’t getting the ball. He wasn’t an exceptionally good blocking WR. And truthfully, he wasn’t real fond of going across the middle of the field, getting the “dirty yards.”

What he did do, was terrify teams. At an imposing 6-4 and blazing speed, at his best, he burned past his defenders, and always commanded double and triple teams, which opened up the field for other players as well. 6 times he caught more than 80 passes in a season, so he touched the ball plenty and did even more when he got his hands on it.

But after the debacle of the 2010 season, in which he played for 3 different teams, when the Pats discarded him, he went back to his “home.” Back to Minnesota, good ‘ol 84 was returning to play with Brett Favre; it was going to be a magical experience for them both. Bret always wanted to play with him, now was his chance.

13 catches, 174 yards, 2 touchdowns in 4 games.

Magic, only if it was a disappearing act.

Then Brad Childress dumped him as well, for his attitude. The Titans then snagged him. Still do this day, I’m unsure what their plans were besides to just humble him, but he completely wasted away there, with 6 catches, 80 yards, and 0 touchdowns.

Where had Randy gone? At this point, I think he had lost himself.

So we go into the 2011 season, Randy is “retired” but is he? Will someone “roll the dice” on him one last time. Because I think he is on borrowed time to prove anything to anybody who had doubts that he can still play at a high level.

It would likely take either an injury to a WR on a team, or a difficult start for a team with high expectations to throw a line out to him, I think. He needs a team with an opportunity to do something, strong leadership on the team. He won’t come out to play for Cleveland or Cincinnati.

Maybe Manning’s Colts? How about Philly with Andy Reid and Vicks big arm? Or another one that might make sense, the Packers. Obviously Rodgers is a top gun, defending champs, I’m sure they could throw a packet in there with 4 WRs that would be nasty to try and defend.

I think Randy will be back at some point, for the right team, and right circumstances. He is a risk, no doubt about it, but don’t be amazed if someone “rolls the dice” one more time.


I just hope he doesn’t leave the league and his exceptional football career behind as a pile of regretful rubble. Written by TonyK of VegasTopDogs.



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