Does Rex Ryan put too much pressure on his team?

The brash head coach Rex Ryan of the New York Jets has never been one to shy away from the media, or saying anything that wasn’t on his mind. When the Jets found themselves on the behind the scene series Hard Knocks in 2010, the team was devoured by the media and analysts by the big mouths and swagger that they brought around with them. Making them quickly one of the leagues more annoying teams to many.

Granted, the Jets had some QB issues, when they drafted Mark Sanchez from USC in 2009, many were very apprehensive with the pick. He had only started 1 season in college, and left. Many people wondered if was anywhere near ready for the pro game.

With Ryan, Sanchez has come along at a steady pace, over the last 2 seasons, putting up feeble numbers, with 29 TDs and 33 picks. His accuracy still needs much fine-tuning, coming in at a terrible 54%. But, overall, the Jets have still gotten to the AFC championship game 2 years running.

Is Rex Ryan’s aggressive attitude working in New York? It definitely brings a confidence level to the team. The Jets, who were inconsistent for 6 years before Ryan came there, winning 10 games only 2 times since 2002, and a shabby win percentage of 46%. Since Ryan took over, with his parade, they have been improved, and have won 20 games (.625 win percentage) since, as well, with a young developing QB leading the team.

But, it also brings the best out in every team when they play them. No one wants to lose to the big mouths, no one. In particular to the big mouth; everyone wants to shut the big mouth up, which adds pressure on the Jets as a team as well.

How they react to this pressure is up to them, and obviously it hasn’t hurt them too badly in the past 2 seasons. Demonstrating one of the best defenses that has been nothing short of excellent, in the last 2 seasons overall, with an average of 3rd in passing, 5th in rushing defense, and 3rd in opponents scoring.

If the New York Jets were in numerous other divisions they would likely be an even better team, but dealing with the New England Patriots is always a thorn, just like every “on the verge team” has to deal with, there is constantly the “old man on the block” who isn’t ready to let it go just quite yet.

The Patriots are that team for the Jets.

Recently, Rex Ryan had made the comment of asking the rest of the league to help beat the Patriots, because apparently they are the “only ones who can do it” made me laugh. Not only was it again promoting his teams prowess, but it was a reality, beating the Pats last year 2/3 times they played, giving them 2 of the teams total 3 losses, the only other loss coming in the 34-14 shocker to the Browns.


Now let’s see how the rest of the league reacts to the gauntlet thrown down, more significantly, lets see how the Jets react to their coaches words of supremacy. Written by Mike Anthony for



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