30 Days of Football

Each day these articles will prepare readers for the start of both the NFL and college football seasons. It is important to learn from mistakes in previous years and develop a game plan for success heading into this year. Let’s go over some strategies and/or information that will lead to a profitable football season.

There are a few keys to success in the first week of college football. First, it is critical to know the experience level of key positions, such as quarterback and the offensive/defensive lines. Typically teams with good experience at the starting quarterback and offensive line will be able to move the ball effectively in the opening weeks. An experienced and quality offensive line is the most important factor to offensive success, as even the best quarterback won’t have success without a line to keep the pressure away.

On the defensive side of the ball, the biggest factor to consider is the returning quality of the defensive line. A dominant and experienced defensive line allows the rest of the defense to control the opposing offense through pressure on the quarterback and containing the running game. It is also important to look at the quality and experience of the linebackers but nowhere near as important as the defensive line. The secondary is the least important group of defensive players to look at when handicapping how a defense will perform.

Overall, these factors should be taken as part of a tool to analyze a game but shouldn’t be used as an end all be all. For example, if a perennial dominant team from a power conference isn’t returning many starters but opens the season against a team from a lower tier Division I program with experience, don’t assume that the lesser quality team will keep the game close. These teams from power conferences have such a significant advantage in athleticism that they are able to overcome a lack of experience. As a result, it is difficult to accurately handicap early season games involving teams with a significant disparity in talent. There are some other factors to consider besides just experience when handicapping opening week games and will be discussed in further articles this month.

Written by Evan Adams for VegasTopDogs.com


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