2011 MLB Team Totals

The 2011 MLB campaign gets underway today and here is a look at some Team Totals for this season.

Baltimore Orioles Over 76.5 games. I know what you’re thinking, Baltimore?!?! The O’s have gone under the Total 5 seasons in a row, now Vegas sets them to be a .500 ball club. Buck Showalter completely turned this team around after becoming the team’s manager towards the end of last season. They went 30-20 under Showalter and proved they can pull together and actually play some pretty good baseball. Pitching Phenom Brian Matusz returns for his sophomore campaign. The O’s also picked 2 solid bats in Vlad Gurrero and Derek Lee. I know they’re not exactly young bucks, but they could use some extra power in their lineup. I’m not expecting the Rays and Blue Jays to be as viable this year and don’t be surprised when the Orioles steal a few from New York and Boston this year. Take the Oriole’s to go Over the 76.5 wins.

Tampa Bay Rays Under 83.5 wins. With the departure of Carl Crawford and Matt Garza, don’t expect this Tampa team to be nearly as good as they’ve been over the past 2 years. Additions of Manny Rameriez and Johnny Damon just sounds like a way to put people in the seats, not a way to compete with Boston and New York. My prediction, they don’t even get over 60 games out of Manny and they’re praying for 90 out of Damon. With Boston and Baltimore making a ton of off season moves, I think the Rays are in trouble. Take Tampa’s Under at 83.5 wins.

LA Dodgers Over 84 wins. The Dodgers failed to make the Playoffs last year and with their pitching staff, you got to like em to win their division this year. They’ve got 2 unbelievable arms in Kershaw and Billingsley. The question becomes who can save games for them. Broxton started the year as the best closer in the game, but ended the season being viewed as Kenny Powers towards in the end of his career. I think he’ll settle down and re-establish his dominance. With Adrian Gonzalez leaving the Padres and the Giants probably not being as hungry I like the Dodgers to win their division. Take the Dodgers to go Over the 84 wins.

New York Yankees Under 91.5 wins. I don’t have a clue how New York plans to compete with the Red Sox this year. Their BIG free agent acquisition was Catcher Russell Martin, if that’s the answer they’re in trouble. The left side of their infield is almost 80 years old and AJ Burnett and Phil Hughes are your #2 and #3 starters. You never know what you’re going to get out of Burnett and Hughes was wildly inconsistent. With division rivals Boston and Baltimore adding some BIG free agents I think the Yankees might be in some trouble. Take the Yankees to go Under the 91.5 games.

Baseball is one of my strongest sports, yielding a profit 5 years in a row. Don’t for get about my MLB Season Pass, that’s over 6 months of Winners!!

Written by Michael Black for VegasTopDogs.com

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