NBA Best Specialty Units

We all understand there are certain players in every major sport that are specialty guys on the court, on the field, the ice, even on the racetrack. Those certain players that have their niche on their teams. Sometimes they stick with a team for their career making themselves a lifer because of their value in their particular position on their team. Sometimes they move team to team, bringing their special talents with them and share their abilities.

Oftentimes they are under appreciated, but today we are going to honor them with the status they earned, the specialty units of the NBA. Some of course, are All-Stars, some aren’t, and perhaps will never be.

After searching numbers across the league, and having spent many hours on the couch watching the game of hoops, here are my specialty corps, aptly named after our countries own admirable organizations.

The SWAT team

The name says it all. Get that weak stuff outta my garden! Put up a shot in their face, take it to the rack, you’re likely eating it. How’s that taste?

F- Wilson Chandler (Denver) Averaging 1.2 BPG. He’s ahead of Andrei Kirilenko and Shane Battier, both noted distinguished defenders.

F- Serge Ibaka (Oklahoma City) Averaging 2.3/BPG. Playing PF he has long arms and great timing, more playing time, means more stuffs.

C- Andrew Bogut (Milwaukee) Ya, I know, where’s Dwight? Bogut gets in because if he stayed healthy, and got as much playing time he would have even superior numbers, 2.7/BPG. In way fewer games played, he’s only a handful of blocks behind Dwight’s season total.

G- Derrick Rose (Chicago) 0.6/BPG, come on, he’s only 6-3, and has had 10 games this season of 2 or more blocks in a game.

G- Dwayne Wade (Miami) One of the best shot blocking guards in the game, with an impressive 1.05/BPG avg.

The Air Force

Great shooters who drop many bombs with precision, leave ‘em open it’s money. Guard ‘em, and they dot your “eye”.

F- Dorrell Wright (Golden State) Shooting 39%, you better be aware of where he is.

F- Charlie Villanueva (Detroit) Shooting 39%, he’s knocked down 114 on the season, already.

C- Channing Frye (Phoenix) At 6-11 and shooting 40% on the season, no other comes close. Last 2 years have been remarkable.

G- Ray Allen (Boston) Shooting 46% on the season, at 35 he seems to be getting better with age?

G- Chauncey Billups (New York) Shooting 42% on the season go ahead; leave him open…late in a game.

The Navy Steals

Don’t look now, but the ball’s gone, keen eyes, quick mitts, and tremendous awareness.

F- Kevin Garnett (Boston) Averaging 1.4 SPG. Garnett’s length is hazardous.

F- Trevor Ariza (New Orleans) Averaging 1.6/SPG. Don’t pay attention to him; he’s just picking your pocket.

C- Dwight Howard (Orlando) 1.3/SPG, Howard fans unite! He has a great reach, very comparable to a legendary center whose name rhymed with “Shomajuwon”.

G- Chris Paul (New Orleans) Plucking off 2.5 balls a game, his hand speed is mythical.

G- Monta Ellis (Golden St.)In Golden St, you get forgotten about, not today! 2.2/SPG is elite.

The Stealth Squad

Who? Exactly, you don’t realize they are out there, until they put up the numbers and still don’t get the press, my underrated guys, who fly “under the radar”.

F- Corey Maggette (Milwaukee) 12.7 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 1.3 apg, shooting 36% from deep. Only plays 22 MPG, give him 30, see what he puts up.

F- Kevin Love (Minnesota) 20.3 ppg, 15.4 rpg, 2.5 apg, shooting 47% from the floor and 42% from three. At 6-10, he’s a future All-Star shoe in.

C- Brooke Lopez (New Jersey) 20.1 ppg, 6.0 rpg, 1.6 bpg, at 7-0, can be a little delicate at times, nice game, watch him play for a moment.

G- Kevin Martin (Houston) 23.0 ppg, 3.2 rpg, 2.4 apg, diminished minutes have slowed him down, in a tough conference, easily overlooked.

G- Jose Calderon (Toronto) 10.0 ppg, 3.0 rpg, 9.0 apg, rock solid PG, potential 13+ apg guy.

Written by Mike Anthony for

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