Who is the best player in college basketball?


There are numerous players on the court who can score the rock in loads of ways. Of course with the NCAA tournament rapidly approaching (and not soon enough) it’s about that time to start keeping an eye on the best players and what they are going to bring to the games.

Let’s cut to the chase and go with the nation’s best scorer.

Jimmer Fredette 6-2, Guard, BYU ranked #3

Firstly, he has a heads up on the competition, his name is Jimmer. Seriously, have you ever heard that name before? I doubt it, so besides his name being awesome, he can score the ball with effortlessness (27/gm) and he can shoot perfectly too, knocking down a scorching 41% from behind the three point arc. Although playing in the weedy Mountain West With big games against the likes of San Diego State scoring 43, adding 9 games scoring over 30.  But, weaker opponents seem to take the brunt of his damage.

Nolan Smith 6-2, Guard, Duke ranked #4

Nolan Smith can flat out shoot the ball, with a quick first step and a respectable midranged game. Scoring 21/gm and shooting 48% from the field. Playing in the ACC, the Dukies play more demanding opponents more regularly, and he has played excellent against the better teams as well.  

JaJuan Johnson 6-10, Forward/Center, Purdue ranked #6

The big man is more or less pretty reliable night in and night out, scoring, rebounding, and blocking shots. Putting up 20/gm, 8 bounds and 2 blocks/gm. Although there are sometimes he tends to fade away and not bring it like expected from him, with 5 games scoring 13 or less, gives me some slight reservations.   

Marshon Brooks 6-5, Guard/Forward, Providence

Not only can this kid score the pill, putting up 25/gm, rebound the ball 7/gm, shoot the ball excellently, 49% from the field. But Brooks plays defense as well, he is a good defender, his middle size he can swing and play shooting guard with no difficulty as then going to the 3 spot at forward. Now, playing in the extremely beefy Big East is no easy chore, so he sees the best teams frequently, and against the uppermost teams he is still averaging 32/gm.

Kemba Walker 6-1, Guard, Uconn ranked #16

The poorest of the shooters, only hitting a miserable 42% of his shots, throughout his college career he has never been a great shooter (43% for his career thus far). But still brings it with 23/gm and a very nice 5 boards/gm, which for a 6-1 guard is quite impressive, also dishing off 5 dimes a game for the Huskies. Another Big East team, that deals with tough games all season long. With 11 games played against ranked teams, walker has shown the resilience of a tough player, averaging 21/ vs them.

Taking any one of these guys on your team into the NCAA tournament (if the team is in) should make you feel pretty convinced and well stocked for a long haul. But, at the end of the day, it’s only going to be one player that stands above the rest and defeats the rest of his adversaries to win the big brackets.

Me, you ask? I go with Nolan Smith as the best NCAA player in the country right now. As far as next level of development, I think JaJuan Johnson could have potential at the next level, adding about 20-25 lbs to his lean frame, but that story is for another day.

Written by Tony Karpinski of VegasTopDogs.

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