Can Peyton Manning really leave Indy?

The 13 year veteran leader of the Indianapolis Colts, Peyton Manning is a free agent this offseason. His contract expires, and it means other teams can look at signing one of the all time greats, of the game. The face of the Indianapolis Colts says he would favor to remain with his current team.

Peyton has had an incredible NFL career, with 399 TDs, 54,828 Yards, has been a 65% passer and rocking a career 94.9 QB rating, which unquestionably rank him amongst the all time greats already.

Indianapolis’ owner Tom Irsay has made it unmistakable that he desires to make his QB, the most paid player in the NFL, which of course, is what fans of the Colts want to hear from their team’s owner. Chuck out the cash; don’t let him go somewhere else.

Manning, unlike other free agent QB’s of the past, is adored and loved by his team and his fans. He is not only a fantastic player, but is the face of the organization; he would be a colossal loss, if they didn’t keep him.

Of course, let’s look at other side of the coin, like we take pleasure in here. What if Manning was or is sick of playing for Indy? Granted, they have been excellent for 11 of the last 12 years, winning 138 games in that stretch, including 12 or more games for 7 consecutive seasons. This year they barely won 10, is it an indication of decline?


They really have no running game, averaging merely 84.4 yards per game over the last 3 seasons. They have not had a consistent 1,000 yard rusher since Edgerrin James in late 90’s to the early 2000’s. The teams playoffs disasters and let downs are renowned, only going 9-9 in the second season since 2000. Although winning the Super Bowl in 2006, one would think they should have won more than just that one, in this time frame. Maybe a new start elsewhere would be good for him?

Of course, positively not for the Colts.

This, obviously, is not going to happen, but what if? What would happen if Peyton decided to take “his talents” elsewhere? Let’s have some fun, and use our imaginations. Indianapolis would disintegrate to the ground. Being a 3-13 team the year before Peyton arrived, they would without doubt drop to the bottom of the AFC South.

Would the Jags take over division? The Titans would evidently improve, as well as the Texans, dealing with a Peytonless Colts. How long before other players, like the Reggie Wayne’s and Dallas Clark’s would get discouraged and decide to pack up and head elsewhere too?

Going back to reality now, Manning deserves what he gets, he’s astounding, and has been for years. And I believe he would undoubtedly prefer to retire a Colt. He plays the game with smarts and value, the way the game should be played.

I am not a fan of players jumping ship for the cash, but in the end, it is about getting paid, and who deserves the fat check. Manning does, and will likely remain a Colt for his career. But, his name will certainly draw a myriad of eyes and checking account interests. Check out for more info.

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