NBA Power Rankings

WEEK OF: 2/6/11 – 2/12/11

1-San Antonio Spurs (45-9) The Spurs being led by Manu Ginobli’s 18/game, are a new look team. Dealing with their perennial all star starter, Tim Duncan, who, was not voted into the starting lineup for the Western Conference All-Star game, are still the best in the NBA.

2- Boston Celtics (38-14); They are still the best in the East, with their suffocating defense, 91.4/gm and excellent turnover causing.

3- Los Angeles Lakers (38-16); With all the Bynum chatter about a trade, or no trade may have faintly motivated the big man, scoring 12/gm over last 5. The Lakers have been showing the competitiveness they need to have if they plan on being the team to beat come playoff time.

4- Miami Heat (39-14); The team that was looking like they were ready to become the beasts of the East, still have a few things to tweak to get to the next level in the Eastern Conference.

5- Chicago Bulls (36-16); Power forward/center, Joakim Noah is looking for a return date in February from his recuperation from thumb surgery to repair a torn ligament. This will only help this good young team be better.

6- Dallas Mavericks (38-16); Peja may be coming around (22 pts on 2/12); the sharpshooter can help the Mavs become even nastier, if he can get back on track. His 3 point shooting is essential for the team to open their game up.

7- Orlando Magic (34-21); The Magic need to shoot the ball better, only 42% over the last 5 games. But their defense has been excellent, giving up 92/ gm in those same 5.

8- Oklahoma City Thunder (34-18); They definitely have the Northwest division ready for their grasp, especially after the bizarre resignation of Utah Jazz ex-coach Jerry Sloan.

9- New Orleans Hornets (33-23); They seemed to be getting hot, and gaining momentum, but…. With recent losses to Chicago, New Jersey, and the Lakers it may be falling away. Trevor Ariza returning to the lineup should help in the team’s success.

10- Atlanta Hawks (33-20); We have heard about so much the lineup moves. It’s undecided, at best. With the Hawks recent lackluster play, maybe they could use an even bigger shakeup, soon. If they seriously want to prove their credentials as one of the East’s best, they need to beat the top teams.

Big Baller of the Week (BBW)

Dwight Howard (C, Orlando Magic) 25 points per game, 17 rebounds per game, 1.5 blocks per game, 57% FG shooting for the week. His 34-21 Orlando Magic, went 2-2, the powerful middleman had a great week, including his best game of the week vs the Philadelphia Sixers, dropping 30 pts on them while also snatching 17 boards and 2 swats, amazingly going 14-19 on the free throw line, shooting 74%, where he is normally only 58%.

Top performers of the week

Scoring; Carmelo Anthony (SF, Denver Nuggets); 50 points in a 108-103 loss vs the Houston Rockets.

Rebounding; Dwight Howard (C, Orlando Magic); 20 rebounds in a 101-85 win vs the Los Angeles Clippers.

Assists; Baron Davis (PG, PG Los Angeles Clippers); 16 assists in a 116-108 victory vs the New York Knicks.

Steals; Ramon Sessions, James Harden, Tony Allen, Chuck Hayes, Baron Davis; 5 steals in each of their respective games.

Blocks; Tim Duncan, Andrew Bogut, Wilson Chandler; 5 blocks in each of their games during the week.

X-factor- tri bomber of the week

Channing Frye; (PF/C, Phoenix Suns) the Frye guy knocked down a soft 45% of his deep balls he put up in the week. Filling the cup from deep with sheer consistency, including going 5-9 vs the Golden State Warriors, as he pumped in 19 for the game.

Written by Tony Karpinski from

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