Super Bowl XLV matchup

Come Sunday, February 6th at around 630 pm, the world will be watching. Likely, for the true sports FANatics, it will be an all day affair, starting at around noon.

On February 6th, there is one game that decides it all. After a pounding season, it comes down to that game. Because each Sunday, any team can win, it truly comes down to who plays better on that particular day. Ask the New England Patriots from 2007, when the New York Giants won 17-14. Who truly thought the Giants would win that game? But, their defense picked it up to extraordinary levels, a ridiculous acrobatic catch by David Tyree and BAM, Pats are done, Giants win the Super Bowl, in one of the most exciting Super Bowls I ever witnessed in my lifetime.

This year, we have the Green Bay Packers. Great on the offensive side of the ball, excellent on the defensive side, and with Aaron Rodgers playing exceptional, are going to be a very tough team to match up with.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, led by Ben Roethlisberger, who, as much as I have tried to refute his place as a great QB, I must finally admit, is a top tier QB. 13983 yds, 92 TD, 43 ints 63% completions over the last 4 seasons, ya, Ben is that good. And on top of that, he wins big games.

Let’s take an acute look at matchups and where the advantages lie.


Pittsburgh; Roethlisberger 3200 yds, 17 TDs and 5 ints after missing the first 4 games. Green Bay; Rodgers 3922 yards, 28 Tds, 11 ints, completed 66% of his throws. He also ran for 4 TDs on the ground. Advantage; Green Bay

Running game Pittsburgh; Mendenhall 1273 yards, 13 TDs Isn’t a huge YPC player (only 3.9 avg), but he wears defenses down, the 2 yards turn into 4-5 yards as the game goes on. Green Bay; Starks/ Jackson 804 combined rushing yards, 3 TDs. They lack a strong running game. Although recently it’s been better, don’t know how effective it will be on Sunday. Advantage; Pittsburgh

Receiving corps Pittsburgh; Wallace, Ward, Miller being the major targets for Pittsburgh, putting up surprising numbers of 2524 yards and 17 TDs. Green Bay; Jennings, Jones, and Driver being the primary looks for the Pack, giving them 2509 yards and 26 TDs. But the Packers 4th option is superior to the Steelers options, Packs receivers run deep. Advantage; Green Bay

Offensive line Pittsburgh; They give the backs a 4.1 avg on the ground, giving up 43 sacks. Their 1 pro bowl selected O-lineman is injured. Green Bay; A pitiable 3.8 avg on the ground, giving up 38 sacks is a great deal of improvement from last years 51. Advantage; Green Bay Defensive line Pittsburgh; 42 tackles 3 forced fumbles 7 sacks with their core linemen Green Bay; 66 tackles 0 forced fumbles 14.5 sacks for their base 3-4 typical down linemen. Advantage; Green Bay Linebacking crew Pittsburgh; Really? This LB crew is the most devastating I have ever seen in my life, really. Take a look at these devastating numbers, 29.5 sacks, 280 tackles, 6 int. Green Bay; Very good linebackers in Wisconsin as well, led by Clay Matthews and AJ Hawk, they are a fearsome bunch as well. 19 sacks, 213 tackles, 5 ints. Advantage; Pittsburgh Secondary Pittsburgh; If there is a flaw in Pittsburgh this is it, even with Polamalu stalking the field. 38 passes defended 13 int. Green Bay; The potency of the Packers defense is here. With 50 passes defended 14 int. Advantage; Green Bay Coaching Pittsburgh; Mike Tomlin has been excellent. Owning a 43-21(.671) record with 3 Division Championships and a Super Bowl win, it’s hard to vote against him. Green Bay; Mike McCarthy with a 48-32(.600) record, he made some brassy calls, and made the “forbidden” move to upgrade to Rodgers, good decision making Mike. Get the big pick now with Magic Mike Anthony only at

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