College Basketball Top-25 Attacked by a Pack of Rabid Dogs!

The Top -25 in Basketball will have a new look after eight of the top 10 and 20 of the top 25 teams took a tumble in just a week’s worth of action. Ohio State is still on top of the polls and Texas will be moving up the top-10 after knocking off Oklahoma State and Missouri. The Buckeyes are still perfect on the season but had a serious scare at Northwestern before pulling out 58-57 victory over the Wildcats. The Texas Longhorns, riding a suffocating defense, allowed just 104 total points in their two victories. All the top programs are always highly ranked from the onset of the season until the Sunday afternoon that the tournament committee announces which teams will be in the Final Four Tournament. Despite the presecense of the powerhouses this season, several teams have the potential to make a hug push come March.

Let us give credit where credit is due. To stay undefeated or even in the top-10 of the college Basketball Rankings is a tough shore. Ohio State, Texas, Kentucky, Georgetown, and Louisville arguably play in the top three conferences in the country and face a quality opponent night in and night out in conference play. Kentucky was able to survive the week unscathed, Georgetown has bounced back to win four straight games in Big East Conference play, winning two games this past week. Louisville beat West Virginia 55-54 and Connecticut 79-78 in double overtime.

For the diehard fans and the serious bettors, this time of the season there will be some small and major upsets. The ranked favorites were not successful on the road this last week as eight teams lost on the road outright! It is not the end of the season for those teams that lost this week; they will be back come the big dance. Most importantly, let us take our hats off to those bettors that took on the top ranked teams and had a winning week!
Written by Ben Burns for

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