Can Double Digit NBA Picks Dogs Be a Profitable Bet?

The NBA picks season is a long one and takes a full time effort to keep abreast of the continious changes to ensure that you have a profitable NBA picks season. Looking up and down the NBA Picks leaderboard you can certainly see the “Haves” from the “Have Nots”. There are a number of NBA picks teams that you know don’t have a snowball chance of winning. Particularly any NBA picks teams who are listed as double digit dogs would appear to be a losing proposition. Although SU that might be the case, in NBA Picks you don’t play money lines for the most part. So, do double digit ATS NBA Picks dogs present us with winning propositions? After pouring through this years data there are some siginificant opportunities with NBA Picks double digit dogs. Let’s take a particular look at the Eastern Conference:

East Dogs vs. East Favorites: 18-8 ATS (69%)

Looking at SU numbers Big NBA Picks Underdogs in the Eastern Conference are only 1-25 SU versus superior opponents. However, they have had an uncanny ability to keep the NBA Picks games close. These facts would tend to indicate that there is not much of a difference between the top and bottom NBA Picks teams in the Eastern Conference.

So, the bottom line is if you’re looking to cash in with double digit NBA dogs, at least this point in the season, the play would be to take any Eastern Conference NBA double Digit Dog versus an Eastern Confernece Opponent.

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