NBA Finals Game 1 and Series Preview

 By: Evan Altemus

Date: Jun 1, 2009

 This series is a very interesting match-up between two teams that have brought questionable efforts at times in the playoffs. They played each other twice this season, once in December and once in January. Orlando won both games, one at Los Angeles, and one at home. However, Jameer Nelson was a very key contributor in both games, so his absence could hurt the Magic’s chances. There are rumors about him possibly seeing playing time in this series, but his minutes won’t be much even if he does play. In fact, I think Nelson seeing any playing time would be a detriment to the Magic, as their rotation and minutes have been set throughout the playoffs.

His addition would throw everyone off rhythm in my opinion, especially since Nelson would arguably be very rusty. One factor in this series, especially Game 1, could be the extended layoff between games. This series will be very spread out, and each team could come out sluggish in Game 1. They will be looking to see what adjustments and changes their opponents have made, and their offenses probably won’t be at their peak.

A good play to consider might be a 1st half under selection, especially with such a high game total. From a series perspective, I would caution against loading up on the Lakers to win the series. The payout isn’t very good for the amount of risk involved. Orlando won both games against LA this season, and Dwight Howard will cause the Lakers problems down low. However, Los Angeles will have home court advantage, which prevents me from making a selection on Orlando.

Overall I think Los Angeles will win this series if they can contain Orlando’s three point shooters, but the Magic’s three point sharp shooters make this series somewhat unpredictable. If they are hot from downtown, then they will win this series. However, the extended layoff between games may throw their three point shooting rhythm off, and Los Angeles has been able to shut down opposing teams three point shooters in the playoffs.

Finally after all of this endless rambling, I already know what selection I am making in Game 1. Be sure to check out my Game 1 selection, as I am up 38 units of profit in the playoffs and look to smash the books in the finals.

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