We all know the NBA playoffs and finals are a whole new season, but there are a few characteristics and statistics that will remain. On the other side, what jumps out is the lower scoring. Its only natural in a playoff situation, a team will slow it down, bemore methodical and emphasize defense. Here are some generalities that apply to all NBA games. In Pro Basketball, winning and losing are often not the final criteria in judging a team. When one team plays better in defeat, than another does in winning, you can gain real value by seeing through the misleading results. When handicapping Pro Basketball, some fundamentals and considerations are not just the venue. Remember the worst team can beat the best team on any given day. There is more pure skill and athleticism involved in basketball, than football. Scoring requires more skill than football. In a typical NFL game, there are only about 6-8 scoring situations, compared to about 100-120 in an NBA game. In basketball there are many more possessions and scoring opportunities for both teams. This better represents team skill and is less of a determinant in a games final outcome.  Read more valuable sports articles at

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